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This dinner cost $5,055…and a felony…
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This dinner cost $5,055…and a felony…

A 24-year-old woman named Serina Wolfe from  New York  was with her boyfriend Michael Crane in Clearwater last week for vacation. They were at dinner when they started arguing. It got to the point where Michael decided he would just walk away.

Well, Serina took it upon herself to pay for the meal and leave the tip. Only she used Michael’s credit card and tipped the waitress $5000!!!!!

When Michael noticed the charge, he questioned her. She denied she had anything to do with it so he called the police.

Once they got involved she fessed up to the crime and is now facing felony GRAND theft. As for the money, no one is sure who is going to cover the charges and the restaurant already gave the waitress the cash.

Check out her mugshot here.