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WATCH: Florida Mom Arrested for Prank Licking Video in Medical Center

A Jacksonville Florida Mother has been arrested on a felony tampering charge after she recorded her young daughter licking a tongue depressor and then returning it to a jar in a dentist’s office. Cori Ward, 30, was busted after she posted the video to her Snapchat account and it was copied to Facebook, where it went viral. And, that’s when ... Read More »

David Lee Roth on Van Halen: We’ve Always Hated Each Other

David Lee Roth didn’t hold back when asked to describe his relationship with Van Halen bandmates Eddie and Alex Van Halen in an interview on comedian Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast. “We have always hated each other, right up until the last phone call,” Roth said. “There were always creative differences,” Roth insisted. “We’ve never gotten along. We started in rival ... Read More »

#WTF – Welcome to Florida! The Best Florida Stories of the Week

Who is the MOST Florida? Florida Man Fights Off Coyote with Cup of Coffee Lake County, Florida man, Ben Pool was on a walk with his dog when they were confronted by an aggressive coyote who attacked them forcing him to use the only thing he had to fight back, his cup of coffee. Pool and his dog survived the ... Read More »