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Florida Man Tells Cops His Name is “Say No More”

According to local news, Pasco County Sheriff’s Office says Micheal Colon, 38, repeatedly provided deputies with a fake name when they informed him he had been reported by a local business for trespassing. Colon provided the name Eric Sanchez, despite deputies saying they didn’t believe him. As he began to leave the area deputies asked others around if they knew ... Read More »

Woman Arrested for Driving with Kids on Roof of SUV in Inflatable Pool

If you thought Florida woman was a hot mess, meet Illinois mom. Police say 49-year-old Jennifer A. Janus Yeager was arrested after her two daughters rode on the roof of her SUV while sitting in an inflatable pool. Yes, you read that correctly. According to Dixon Police, Yeager had inflated the pool at a friends house and had her two ... Read More »

#WTF – Welcome to Florida! The Best Florida Stories of the Week

Who is the MOST Florida? Florida Man Fights Off Coyote with Cup of Coffee Lake County, Florida man, Ben Pool was on a walk with his dog when they were confronted by an aggressive coyote who attacked them forcing him to use the only thing he had to fight back, his cup of coffee. Pool and his dog survived the ... Read More »

Florida Inmates Rescue Baby Locked In Car

What happens when inmates on work release come across a baby locked in a car here in Florida? They use their “skills” for good.  A couple in New Port Richey accidentally locked their one-year-old daughter in their SUV last week. Luckily a group of prison inmates were on work release nearby fixing medians and one of them had some skills ... Read More »