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“Unacceptable” lead levels in School drinking water.

Children at two different elementary schools in Flagler County are currently drinking bottled water. This is because they found unacceptable levels of lead in the water at test sites in the schools. Officials believe the problem should  be an easy fix, but the school district is taking precautions until they get an “all-clear.” School district officials immediately took action when ... Read More »

Would you ride something called the “Slide Coaster”?

Water Slide

There’s a new concept for water park thrill seekers that may become a reality soon! German water slide design firm Wiegand.waterrides are known for their creative designs. Now the company has a new concept that they developed  with Up and Down Engineering, and it’s being called  the “world’s first hybrid roller coaster and water slide.” The “Slide Coaster”  replaces the need ... Read More »

Another Reason to Stay Out of the Water… Body Parts

There are plenty of reasons to stay out of the water that are obvious: sharks, jellyfish and flesh eating bacterias to name a few but how many people are staying out of the water due to body parts… probably more than you thought. The New York Post is reporting that body parts are washing up on the beach near Coney ... Read More »