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Today’s Optical Illusion… Is He Petting a Rabbit or Raven

Is Dan Quintana petting a rabbit or a raven in this video?  Either way, his Twitter feed is pretty interesting. Check it out at @dsquintana.  Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose pic.twitter.com/aYOZGAY6kP — Dan Quintana 🐰 (@dsquintana) August 18, 2019 So are the replies. pic.twitter.com/0pRbrovFJw — eli fessler 🐪 (@frozenpandaman) August 19, 2019 Read More »

Tony Stewart Punches Heckler In the Face at Racetrack

This is exactly why you don’t mess with Tony Stewart. He will chase you down and punch you in the face.  48-year-old Stewart, a 3-time NASCAR Cup Series champ, was signing autographs at a dirt track in  Minnesota over the weekend after driving in a sprint car race at the Jackson Motorplex. According to TMZ, his engine blew after the ... Read More »

WATCH: Free Area 51 Aliens Training Video

If you are planning on completely ignoring the Air Force warning and are planning to join the Facebook event “Storm Area 51 – They Can’t Stop All Of Us” masses to storm Area 51… may we suggest a little training first? Courtesy of Instagram. View this post on Instagram He’s going to do it! @donsaladino @drive_clubs #conspiracytheory #mondaymotivation #area51 #thelionking ... Read More »

WATCH: Complete Apollo 11 Launch Broadcast As It Aired In 1969

If you didn’t catch it when CBS live streamed the original broadcast this morning as it aired in 1969, here it is, complete with commercials. Fifty years ago today, Apollo 11 began its voyage into American history. The Saturn V rocket carrying astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at ... Read More »

WATCH: Florida Mom Arrested for Prank Licking Video in Medical Center

A Jacksonville Florida Mother has been arrested on a felony tampering charge after she recorded her young daughter licking a tongue depressor and then returning it to a jar in a dentist’s office. Cori Ward, 30, was busted after she posted the video to her Snapchat account and it was copied to Facebook, where it went viral. And, that’s when ... Read More »

Wild Family Fight Caught on Video at Disney’s Toontown

It’s a sad day when adults find a way to ruin Disneyland for kids but here we are. On Saturday, a family at Disneyland and got into a rowdy brawl right in the middle of Mickey’s Toontown. As expected, someone took a video of the whole thing and posted it to YouTube. (***Warning – this video is very, very NSFW***)  ... Read More »

WATCH: Sharks Filmed Swimming Near Beachgoers on Daytona Beach

The WESH 2 Chopper caught video yesterday of sharks cruising uncomfortably close to swimmers on Daytona Beach.  They were tracking multiple sharks however caught one that appears to be about a five foot long within feet of people in the water. Fran Kumpf saw the shark and told WESH 2, “The tail was just up and down, so we kind of followed ... Read More »