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Turkey talk

Carved Turkey

According to  YouGov, there’s a survey asking people what their favorite part of the Turkey is. 50% of people said that they prefer white meat while 32% prefer the dark meat. 8% aren’t sure, and 10% say they don’t eat turkey. Who doesn’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving?   Riggs prefers the white meat as does Intern Steve Guy doesn’t care. ... Read More »

Thanksgiving flight checklist


The TSA just put out it’s travel tips and it includes some pretty strange do’s and don’ts. Apparently you can bring ON BOARD a full, un-carved Turkey but don’t even think about the mashed potatoes! Solid foods such as Cookies, Rolls, Stuffing, Cake, Pie…those can all go with you in the plane because they’re considered “solid” foods. Foods that are ... Read More »

Thanksgiving in just under $50?

Thanksgiving dinner

The American Farm Bureau Federation wants you to know that you can feed up to 10 people for just under $50! How? Well, you start with buying a 16-pound turkey,  then stuffing , butter with rolls, sweet potatoes, peas, a veggie tray, cranberries, and for dessert…pumpkin pie with whipped cream, milk  and coffee. This should only cost around $48.91! They obviously ... Read More »

Jerry Doliner Food bank Turkey push!


Helping out the community. $15 will feed a family of 4 this Thanksgiving. For every donation made, it will be matched! That means your $15 will feed 8 people! That’s a 15 lb Turkey and ALL the fixins! Click here to donate! Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving Holiday! Jerry Doliner Food Bank Read More »

What’s on your table?

A company called OnePoll surveyed 2000 people about their Thanksgiving habits and what they want to eat. They found that about 26% of people want something different on their table this year. They study also found that nearly half wouldn’t mind an “alternative” Thanksgiving. The Most common ways to have an “Alternative Thanksgiving” are Not having Turkey, Going out to ... Read More »

Make Your Thanksgiving Cheesier: Serve the Mac and Cheese Turkey

This Thanksgiving, why have turkey with a side of mac and cheese, when you can have the synergy of turkey AND mac and cheese in the ultimate comfort dish?  The people at Reynolds Wrap have been dishing out some creative Thanksgiving recipes over the last few years but this year they have knocked it out of the park with the “Mac ... Read More »

Would you?


We all know Pringles has come out with many different flavors and most of them are pretty strange, yet oddly tasty. We’re not sure about this one. Is it going too far for flavor? Pringles has come up with a “Turducken” KIT. If you’re not familiar with what a “Turducken” is… It’s where you cook a chicken inside of a ... Read More »