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Free coffee!

Coffee in a car

The Shell gas stations on the Florida turnpike are offering FREE coffee from 11 pm Wednesday the 27th to 6 am On Thanksgiving and then again from 11 pm on Sunday Dec 1st to 6 am on Monday the 2nd. The FREE java will also be available in the lobbies of the Turkey Lake, Canoe Creek, Fort Drum, Fort Pierce and ... Read More »

Ruin Thanksgiving in 4 words


Thanksgiving is a time where Family comes together to feast, catch up and sometimes… it doesn’t end well. Whether you’re flying, driving or staying at home… Something is bound to go wrong. Can you ruin Thanksgiving in 4 words? The catch? You have to keep it CLEAN.  Text in with your answers! 386-257-0324 Read More »

10 Perfect Songs For Your Thanksgiving Day Playlist

Great music is key for any get together so we went in search of the perfect Thanksgiving day playlist for you. Thankfully, “Rolling Stone” has already curated the perfect turkey day list. 1. “Turkey Mambo Momma”, Pulp (This video is actually four songs. “Turkey Mambo Momma” is first, and it ends at 2:57.) 2. “Mashed Potatoes U.S.A.”, James Brown 3. ... Read More »

Thanksgiving in just under $50?

Thanksgiving dinner

The American Farm Bureau Federation wants you to know that you can feed up to 10 people for just under $50! How? Well, you start with buying a 16-pound turkey,  then stuffing , butter with rolls, sweet potatoes, peas, a veggie tray, cranberries, and for dessert…pumpkin pie with whipped cream, milk  and coffee. This should only cost around $48.91! They obviously ... Read More »

What’s on your table?

A company called OnePoll surveyed 2000 people about their Thanksgiving habits and what they want to eat. They found that about 26% of people want something different on their table this year. They study also found that nearly half wouldn’t mind an “alternative” Thanksgiving. The Most common ways to have an “Alternative Thanksgiving” are Not having Turkey, Going out to ... Read More »

Make Your Thanksgiving Cheesier: Serve the Mac and Cheese Turkey

This Thanksgiving, why have turkey with a side of mac and cheese, when you can have the synergy of turkey AND mac and cheese in the ultimate comfort dish?  The people at Reynolds Wrap have been dishing out some creative Thanksgiving recipes over the last few years but this year they have knocked it out of the park with the “Mac ... Read More »