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Police Ask For Help Finding Man with “POT HEAD” Tattooed on His Forehead

Ohio police are asking for assistance searching for a guy who has “POT HEAD” and a marijuana leaf tattooed on his forehead. He also has joint tattoos instead of eyebrows, but they are less noticeable. 51-year-old Douglas Christopher from Belpre, Ohio is a registered sex offender who missed his last appointment, so police are asking for the public’s help in tracking ... Read More »

Police Arrest Man with “Crime Pays” Tattooed On His Forehead

We’ve seen some some impressive tattoos, and we’ve seen some impressive mugshots, but when you add a mullet to the mix… well, you’ve got yourself a dumb crime triple word score.  According to the Tribune Star, police in Terre Haute, Indiana got into a high-speed chase with 38-year-old Donald Murray on Friday night. Murray was not apprehended during the chase ... Read More »

Morticians Remove Tattooed Skin of Deceased to Preserve As Memorial

When a loved one passes away it’s nice to have something to remember them by, and there are plenty of options these days for tributes. Outside of traditional burial or cremation, your body can be composted for a tree, wrapped in a mushrooms suit or turned into a jewel; but now there is another option, having your tattooed skin preserved ... Read More »

Join us LIVE!!!

We will be taking our show on the road THIS FRIDAY! We will be broadcasting from Victory tattoo on Main St. from 6-10 am. We will have limited edition Hog shirts, patches, and koozies to give away. Located on 514 Main St, Victory tattoo is an award winning tattoo studio with an amazing staff of artists that are sure to leave ... Read More »

I Challenge You To Find a Better Mugshot Than This One

When Alyssa Zebrasky wants to go incognito she puts her glasses on so nobody will recognizer her. Obviously. The 27-year-old Ohio woman found herself back in the slammer for violating terms of her release in connection to a felony narcotics possession and misdemeanor theft charges plea. Zebrasky was arrested  for stealing from Walmart at the end of last year and ... Read More »