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Handcuffed Florida Couple Busted For Getting It On In Police Vehicle

I’m not saying what they did was right but I am saying that I’m impressed. While under arrest in the back of a police vehicle, a handcuffed Florida couple took off their clothes and started having sex before they were eventually interrupted by a sheriff’s deputy. It all started around 11:40 pm on Friday the 13th when a cop stopped a ... Read More »

People Who Use Emojis Have Better Dating And Sex Lives

Tired of being told not to use emojis because they aren’t professional or make you seem like you can’t be taken seriously? Well, it’s probably because those people telling you to stop most likely aren’t getting any. According to a new study, people who use lots of emojis have better dating and sex lives than other people. Emoji users go ... Read More »

Apple’s Siri Regularly Records Your Sexy Time and Drug Deals

“Siri” — Apple’s automated assistant — apparently has a kinky side. It turns out, according to The Guardian, the AI routinely records people doing all sorts of naughty things like having sex, drug deals and discussions with doctors. You can thank a hair-trigger recording feature that can be accidentally activated by the sound of a zipper and of course when ... Read More »