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Cracking down on vaping


The Seminole County School District is looking to technology to help with the vaping problem on school campuses by installing vape-detecting devices in some schools and bathrooms. The device will monitor air quality. If the air changes because a student is vaping, it sends a text or email to school administrators and it will alert them as to where the vaping its happening. ... Read More »

School is back in session.

school crossing

School is back in session and crossing guards will be out. Ignoring them WILL cost you, and here’s why Under Florida law, a crossing guard is considered a traffic control device when in the performance of their duties. That essentially means that they’re considered the same as a law enforcement officer or firefighter at a scene. That being said, failing ... Read More »

Drug screening in schools?

Testing will begin with the start of the new school year next month in Bushland Texas at Bushland Independent School District  and will require those students in grades 7 through 12 who sit on the student council, play in the band, on the yearbook committee, play chess or that may participate in other clubs, to take random drug tests. Students ... Read More »