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Woman Arrested for Driving with Kids on Roof of SUV in Inflatable Pool

If you thought Florida woman was a hot mess, meet Illinois mom. Police say 49-year-old Jennifer A. Janus Yeager was arrested after her two daughters rode on the roof of her SUV while sitting in an inflatable pool. Yes, you read that correctly. According to Dixon Police, Yeager had inflated the pool at a friends house and had her two ... Read More »

Definitely NOT the mother of the year!

A 34 year old mother named Stacey Rupp took her  9 year old son on a normal trip to McDonalds and according to the boy, she does this quite often. Only this time… she got caught doing something REALLY stupid. She left her son there in the play area while she fed her gambling addiction. Employees noticed the child didn’t ... Read More »

3 months for…. cotton candy.

Cotton Candy

There’s a woman named Dasha Fincher and she was on her way to a pawn shop in Georgia when she was pulled over by police for her tint appearing to be too dark. Fincher said she wasn’t nervous because she wasn’t doing anything wrong or illegal, which is true. Dash cam footage shows that she was cooperative and calm, but ... Read More »

11-Foot-Long Alligator Breaks Into Florida Home

It’s been a busy week for Florida wildlife. Earlier this week a man was bit by a python in his toilet and overnight a Clearwater home was broken into by an 11-foot-long alligator. The Clearwater Police Department said the 11-foot alligator broke into a home through a low window and then made its way into the kitchen. The department shared ... Read More »