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Florida Police Find Chris Jericho’s Missing World Championship Belt

UPDATE: We have found out that the belt was actually discovered on the side of the road by a Florida State University employee who thought it was a replica. He initially listed it on the “lost and found” section of Craiglist before being clued in that it was the original and turned it in to police. Read the full story ... Read More »

Cops Threaten to Prosecute Trolls for Mocking Drug Dealer’s Hairline [MUGSHOT]

Listen, I think bullying is awful… but I also think that when you are prosecuted for dealing drugs all bets are off and your mugshot is fair game. The authorities however see things differently. Police in Britain are threatening to prosecute trolls for bullying who mocked a fugitive drug dealer’s “receding hairline”. Gwent Police released a mugshot of Jermaine Taylor, ... Read More »

DNA website brings two brothers together after 50 yrs.


A pretty cool “feel good” story that involves DNA services… Boynton Beach Officer Eric Reynolds took a 23andMe test three years ago just for fun. Unbeknownst to him, his half-brother, Orange County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Dave Stull, took the same exact test. Stull says it was “Primarily for the medical stuff,” “I wanted to see what what my chances of ... Read More »

Bad first date is an understatement

Police chase

A woman went on a first date with a man  and ended up in a  police chase after he took off during a traffic stop. She had just met the man from the Orlando area on a dating website and they ended up at a Palm Coast Denny’s for dinner before heading back to her home. That’s when things went ... Read More »

You see Golf carts everywhere in Florida…

Golf Cart

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office  said deputies responded to the store after a report said a man on a golf cart blocking was the  store entrance. Investigators started to talk with the man when they arrived at the scene. Deputies said the man started to drive through the main entrance, almost hitting  people who had to jump out of the ... Read More »

Apps you may want to keep an eye on.


You like to give your kids privacy, but these are some mobile apps you may want to be aware of. Most require the user to be 18+, but kids are finding ways around it. Below is a list of these apps and “Secret Apps” along with a picture to help you identify what may be on your teen’s phone.   ... Read More »

How hot was it this weekend?

It was so hot this weekend that police actually asked criminals to wait until today to commit crimes. Yes, they actually told them to stay indoors until this am. A news station tried to bake biscuits in their car and it kinda worked! Fans at a cubs game gave the WIND a standing ovation. Zoos were giving blood infused popsicles  ... Read More »

Woman Arrested for Driving with Kids on Roof of SUV in Inflatable Pool

If you thought Florida woman was a hot mess, meet Illinois mom. Police say 49-year-old Jennifer A. Janus Yeager was arrested after her two daughters rode on the roof of her SUV while sitting in an inflatable pool. Yes, you read that correctly. According to Dixon Police, Yeager had inflated the pool at a friends house and had her two ... Read More »

11-Foot-Long Alligator Breaks Into Florida Home

It’s been a busy week for Florida wildlife. Earlier this week a man was bit by a python in his toilet and overnight a Clearwater home was broken into by an 11-foot-long alligator. The Clearwater Police Department said the 11-foot alligator broke into a home through a low window and then made its way into the kitchen. The department shared ... Read More »