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Did Four Loko Just Announce a 14% Hard Seltzer?

PBR and Natural Light rolled out hard seltzers with higher alcohol content this week; to which Four Loko replied, “Hold my Seltzer.” It appears Four Loko just announced on social media that it is launching its own hard seltzer labeled the “hardest seltzer in the universe,” with 14% ABV — almost triple alcohol content of White Claw, the hard-seltzer industry ... Read More »

PBR Just Launched an Alcoholic Coffee Drink

Hipsters, coffee enthusiasts and caffeine addicts celebrate!! Pabst Blue Ribbon just launched a 5% abv iced coffee, aptly named called Hard Coffee. Right now it’s being testing in Pennsylvania, Maine, New Jersey, Georgia and FLORIDA!  There’s no word on when it could go nationwide, but at least it’s here in the sunshine state to simply your morning routine. (There’s no ... Read More »