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Netflix is losing money.


Netflix says they’re losing about $135 million a month which comes out to around $1.6 BILLION a year. Why? It’s because of something you parents taught you as a young kid… SHARING. Yep. Netflix says because people share their password, it’s taking away money they could be getting for a new subscription. Sharing is pretty hard to police especially if ... Read More »

Kevin Smith And Netflix Are Bringing Back MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE

By the power of Grayskull!!! The ruler of Eternia is set to return to TV via cult filmmaker Kevin Smith and Netflix. Smith made a surprise announcement Sunday at the Power-Con convention unveiling his latest project, “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” According to Variety, Smith will serve as the series’ showrunner and executive producer and will build from unresolved storylines from ... Read More »

Is Netflix Paying Eddie Murphy $70 Million for Stand Up Specials?

If you believe the rumors, yes. Word has it Eddie Murphy is in talks with Netflix to do a series of stand-up specials in a deal could be worth as much as $70 MILLION. It’s unclear how many specials he will actually be doing, you’d think that $70 mil should get a handful of shows, but that’s not necessarily the ... Read More »

WATCH: First STRANGER THINGS Season 3 Clip Teases Steamy Summer in Hawkins

It’s summertime in Hawkins, Indiana and Netflix wants to remind you that another season of your favorite nostalgic, ratings-grabbing show is coming soon: Stranger Things 3. Here’s a brand new clip offering something a little different. While the first season of Stranger Things took place around Christmastime and the second season took place during the fall, Stranger Things 3 is all ... Read More »

Florida Family Man’s Cocaine Treasure Hunt Focus of Netflix Special

A new Netlix documentary “The Legend of Cocaine Island” tells the true story of Archer, Florida businessman Rodney Hyden. In 2012, Hyden was charged with intent to distribute cocaine after embarking on a treasure hunt to uncover 70 pounds of buried “white gold” in Puerto Rico. He plays himself in the film and recounts the story of how he found out ... Read More »

WATCH: Motley Crue’s Teaser Trailer for “The Dirt”

Motley Crue has released a short teaser trailer for the upcoming film from the memoir “The Dirt,” with a note adding that the full trailer will be released tomorrow. “Their music made them famous. Their lives made them infamous,” the teaser begins before a rush of scenes that will hopefully make more sense tomorrow. “Win it all or lose it ... Read More »