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Kiefer Sutherland Is Sorry for Creating Mullet

Kiefer Sutherland is taking responsibility for creating the mullet and according to Yahoo Movies, it’s ultimately because of his role as “David” in the 1987 vampire classic “The Lost Boys”. According to Kiefer, director Joel Schumacher wanted Kiefer’s character, David, to have long, white hair. Keifer says, “It’s actually a funny story. Joel Schumacher wanted me to have long hair, ... Read More »

Meet the Mullet of Swimwear – The Towelkini

There’s a new “swimsuit” generating a ton of buzz online called the Towelkini — and it’s exactly what it sounds like — part-towel, part-swimsuit. It’s kinda like the mullet of the swimwear world. The product description explains that the 100% cotton (for swimming?) covering, “melds the two essentials for all things beach, no need to carry a cumbersome towel and an ... Read More »

The Marvelous Mullet Knows No Age Boundaries

Every year the Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair team keeps the tradition of the mullet and chops alive and well. This is the 10th edition of the All Hockey Hair Team, and the Grand FLOWnale. As you can see, they are going out with a bang. Enjoy!   Read More »