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Florida Man found in gators mouth…


Sometime back in June, a mining company out of Fort Meade saw a HUGE alligator (449 lbs) on their property…but that’s not all they saw. When they got closer, there was a Human body in its mouth. That body belonged to 45-year-old repeat criminal, Michael Ford. Ford was arrested 10 days earlier for burglary and grand theft auto. He was also convicted ... Read More »

South Dakota’s New ‘On Meth’ Campaign Is Confusing

South Dakota launched a nearly half-a-million dollar methamphetamine prevention campaign on Monday and managed to really meth it up… really bad. Who approved this? Whether it’s the slogan, “Meth. We’re on it,” plastered all over TV ads, billboards and posters; or the website, OnMeth.com, Minneapolis-based marketing and ad agency Broadhead Co. seems to have missed the mark across the board. ... Read More »

Not Florida this time

Gas can

There’s a woman in California that probably should have just hoofed it 6 more blocks. Lynette Stewart was filling up a gas can so she could fill up her car. The thing is…the car was 6 blocks away so she flagged down a police officer that was passing by and asked if she could gt a ride. The officer did ... Read More »