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10 Perfect Songs For Your Thanksgiving Day Playlist

Great music is key for any get together so we went in search of the perfect Thanksgiving day playlist for you. Thankfully, “Rolling Stone” has already curated the perfect turkey day list. 1. “Turkey Mambo Momma”, Pulp (This video is actually four songs. “Turkey Mambo Momma” is first, and it ends at 2:57.) 2. “Mashed Potatoes U.S.A.”, James Brown 3. ... Read More »

Mama D’s Diner Offers “My Girlfriend is Not Hungry” Menu Option

Visit the Mama D’s Diner website here. A diner in North Little Rock, Arkansas is getting their 15 minutes of fame for one of its menu options and we are loving it. Mama D’s Diner menu has all the normal offerings you would expect from a southern diner, including the option to add a few extras for your significant other who ... Read More »