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White Claw Shortage Causes Panic

Well, as my mother would say, “you’ve gone and done it this time.” White Claw hard seltzer is so popular now that now there’s a nationwide shortage. The hard seltzer phenomenon is no joke, apparently White Claw didn’t count on sales being up 283% this summer and have announced a shortage. A spokesperson for the new bubbly said, quote, “We ... Read More »

Some Genius Made a White Claw (Hard Seltzer) Claw Machine

There is nothing better than people using their powers for good. Take for example, this claw game machine which has been filled with America’s new favorite beverage, White Claw Hard Seltzer. Go crazy ladies! The world now has a White Claw claw machine. Tag someone who needs to play (from El Hefe Scottsdale) Posted by Busted Coverage on Monday, July ... Read More »