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Lewis Black!


Today we’re speaking with Comedian, Lewis Black. We chat about his rants, his past, and his awesome premium membership. We also chat about his show coming up February 7th in Orlando. LEWIS BLACK, GRAMMY Award-winning, stand-up comedian announces 2020 tour, ‘It Gets Better Every Day.’ “When I say, ‘It gets better every day,’ you might be wondering, ‘is he being facetious?’Come to the ... Read More »

Boaty McBoatface Looks Like Hulk Hogan And You Can’t Unsee It

The same internet that brought you “Boaty McBoatface” has now figured out WHO the boat looks like, and I’m sorry in advance because you won’t be able to unsee it. You many remember when the Natural Environment Research Council decided to leave it up to a poll to name their new ship. Someone suggested Boaty McBoatface, the idea went viral, ... Read More »

Check Out the Fake THOR ID Someone Tried To Use To Buy Weed Online

If you are going to create a fake ID to buy something like weed, I guess it’s a good idea to use someone’s information that you can easily remember but maybe not a good idea to use the information of one of the most well-known fictional characters of our time. … But here we are and thanks to Twitter user ... Read More »

Craziest Reasons People Have Split Up According to Divorce Lawyers

Someone on reddit asked divorce lawyers to list the craziest reasons they’ve seen couples split up. Here are our 7 favorites. 1. A guy divorced his wife because she was a loud chewer. 2. A woman had vertigo but her husband thought she was possessed, and kept trying to do exorcisms on her. 3. A guy wouldn’t go on his ... Read More »

SPANK the Monkey Does Just That While Haunting English Estate

Yes, the title is accurate. No, there is absolutely no way to sugar coat this. SPANK the Monkey is a the ghost of an ape who does just that while haunting the hallways of a grand country estate in Dorset, England. Haunted Athelhampton Hall is a popular wedding venue popular with ghost hunters trying to catch a glimpse of a ... Read More »

Florida Man Tells Cops His Name is “Say No More”

According to local news, Pasco County Sheriff’s Office says Micheal Colon, 38, repeatedly provided deputies with a fake name when they informed him he had been reported by a local business for trespassing. Colon provided the name Eric Sanchez, despite deputies saying they didn’t believe him. As he began to leave the area deputies asked others around if they knew ... Read More »