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He was “Hunkering down”.


A woman named Angelique Micallef-Courts in Altamonte Springs, FL says that she went outside after Hurricane Dorian had passed over and discovered that something had “Hunkered down” in her family swimming pool. This something was a little gator. She said “Looks like Dorian blew a gator into my swimming pool”. Although we didn’t get hit as hard as we expected, we’re ... Read More »

Florida Police Find Chris Jericho’s Missing World Championship Belt

UPDATE: We have found out that the belt was actually discovered on the side of the road by a Florida State University employee who thought it was a replica. He initially listed it on the “lost and found” section of Craiglist before being clued in that it was the original and turned it in to police. Read the full story ... Read More »

NSB Surfer Gets Bit After Catching Some Air And Landing On A Shark

Well here’s a story about a shark bite you don’t hear every day, even if you do live in the shark bite capital of the world. A surfer in New Smyrna beach caught some air and landed on a shark that bit him. The News-Journal reports that Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue officials said 40-year-old Donald Walsh of Mims, ... Read More »

Kissimmee School Officer Fired For Filming Nude Video Inside School

I don’t even know how this still happens? A school resource officer has been removed from her position after she filmed a nude video of herself inside an elementary school bathroom during her shift. The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office was investigating a personal incident between the SRO and her husband when they came across the video made on a mobile phone ... Read More »

WATCH: Bungee Cord Disintegrates on Florida Slingshot Ride Seconds Before Launch

The worst fear of everyone who has ever ridden a slingshot ride came true on Saturday night at Panama City Beach’s Cobra Adventure Park when the bungee cord disintegrated seconds before launching two passengers into the air. Two tourists were strapped in and about to ride the “Vertical Accelerator,” a slingshot-style ride designed to shoot riders into the air when one ... Read More »

DNA website brings two brothers together after 50 yrs.


A pretty cool “feel good” story that involves DNA services… Boynton Beach Officer Eric Reynolds took a 23andMe test three years ago just for fun. Unbeknownst to him, his half-brother, Orange County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Dave Stull, took the same exact test. Stull says it was “Primarily for the medical stuff,” “I wanted to see what what my chances of ... Read More »

You see Golf carts everywhere in Florida…

Golf Cart

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office  said deputies responded to the store after a report said a man on a golf cart blocking was the  store entrance. Investigators started to talk with the man when they arrived at the scene. Deputies said the man started to drive through the main entrance, almost hitting  people who had to jump out of the ... Read More »

Sanford Police Respond to 5-Year-Old Who Called 911 for Pizza

Sanford Police Department said in a Facebook post they received a 911 call from a 5-year-old boy last Friday to report he was hungry and wanted a pizza. I think you know what happens next. Officers responded to the home for a welfare check and met with the boy and his older sister. Everything checked out and the boy had used ... Read More »

Florida Toilet EXPLODES After Lightning Strikes Septic Tank [PICS]

A Florida couple’s toilet exploded while they were in bed on Sunday when lightning struck their septic tank. I know what you are thinking. “WTF?” Here’s why, methane gas. Who knew that many of us here in Florida (and around the world) have big ‘ol methane bombs in our yards waiting to be ignited by lightning. Jordan Hagadorn of A-1 ... Read More »