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Florida Man Shows Up Naked to Prostitution Sting

This could possibly be one of my favorite Florida man stories of the year… Florida man, Rodney Davis, walked up to the door of an undercover sex sting operation dubbed Operation Santa’s Naughty List “buck naked”, according to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. “This guy walked up to the front door of this home in a neighborhood on a cool ... Read More »

Port Orange [Florida] Man Robs Bank, Calls Taxi for Get Away

Douglas Unger, 32, has been charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault after he allegedly robbed a Port Orange Seacoast Bank, and then tried to leave in a cab… that needed to stop for gas. Police say Unger walked into the bank wearing two pairs of sunglasses, produced a gun, placed a small bag on the counter, and ordered the ... Read More »

Florida Man’s Gun Stolen During Weekend-Long Orgy in Deltona

This is exactly why you shouldn’t let strangers take your weapon out of its holster. A retired Deltona, Florida man had handgun stolen from his bedroom while he hosted a weekend-long orgy in his home. According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office report, the 63-year-old victim told deputies that his Glock pistol was missing from the holster that was on ... Read More »

It’s a Scientific Fact – Alligators Prefer to Bite Florida Man

Alligators in Florida headlines are nothing new. From bites to bathtubs to smashing through kitchen windows, the Florida alligator goes after and takes what he wants. Who knew that what he really wanted most was the Florida man. According to a report written by state biologists for the Florida Wildlife Commission, when you look at 40 years of data, alligators ... Read More »