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Florida Woman Fakes In-Flight Medical Emergency After Being Denied Bigger Seat

An American Airlines flight en route to Miami was turned around after a woman faked an in-flight medical emergency because she was denied a larger seat.  Pensacola Police Department public information officer Mike Wood said, “Once airborne, she told them she wanted a bigger seat. The pilot declared an emergency… once they got on the ground, she made it clear ... Read More »

Hibernating humans?

Sleeping man

The European Space Agency is looking into possibly putting humans into a suspended animation state…kind of like hibernation for animals, for future space flight. I.E.. Going to Mars, which would take approximately 180 days. They say that slowing down a humans metabolic rate isn’t exactly possible yet, but it would help with the long space flight. Jennifer Ngo-Anh, the  research team ... Read More »