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Woman Arrested for DUI After Getting RV Stuck in Taco Bell Drive-Thru

This is exactly how the munchies can get you in big trouble. Police in Washington arrested a woman on suspicion of DUI after she got her RV stuck in a Taco Bell drive-thru. Kennewick Police said in a post on Facebook the woman drove the wrong way into the drive-thru shortly after midnight Friday and the turn was tighter than ... Read More »

Florida Woman Fakes In-Flight Medical Emergency After Being Denied Bigger Seat

An American Airlines flight en route to Miami was turned around after a woman faked an in-flight medical emergency because she was denied a larger seat.  Pensacola Police Department public information officer Mike Wood said, “Once airborne, she told them she wanted a bigger seat. The pilot declared an emergency… once they got on the ground, she made it clear ... Read More »

WATCH: Proof a Bus is the Worst Getaway Plan When Stealing an ATM

If you watch any movie involving bad guys planning a robbery they have one thing in common, friends. Friends to help carry the goods and friends to help with the getaway. I guess this guy doesn’t have any friends because ATM machines are HEAVY and the NJ Transit makes one of the worst getaway plans of all time. Enjoy. Everybody ... Read More »

WATCH: Florida Man Released From Prison for Fleeing, Runs Again

A Daytona Beach man who spent over seven years in a Florida prison for killing a man while running from police is  behind bars again for again running from authorities attempting a traffic stop only two months his release. According to News Daytona Beach, 25-year-old Florida man, John C. Mai Jr. drove a car into the front porch of a ... Read More »