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Turkey talk

Carved Turkey

According to  YouGov, there’s a survey asking people what their favorite part of the Turkey is. 50% of people said that they prefer white meat while 32% prefer the dark meat. 8% aren’t sure, and 10% say they don’t eat turkey. Who doesn’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving?   Riggs prefers the white meat as does Intern Steve Guy doesn’t care. ... Read More »

Great debate on national Angel food cake day.


It’s that time again. The great debate. Today’s topic?…. CAKE! After all… it IS national Angel food cake day. What type of cake do you prefer? What flavor? A lot of frosting or light frosting? Any toppings you may like? Shoot us a text at 386-257-0324 and defend your cake!!! With the Morning Hog.. .Yes, you can have your cake ... Read More »