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Free coffee!

Coffee in a car

The Shell gas stations on the Florida turnpike are offering FREE coffee from 11 pm Wednesday the 27th to 6 am On Thanksgiving and then again from 11 pm on Sunday Dec 1st to 6 am on Monday the 2nd. The FREE java will also be available in the lobbies of the Turkey Lake, Canoe Creek, Fort Drum, Fort Pierce and ... Read More »

PBR Just Launched an Alcoholic Coffee Drink

Hipsters, coffee enthusiasts and caffeine addicts celebrate!! Pabst Blue Ribbon just launched a 5% abv iced coffee, aptly named called Hard Coffee. Right now it’s being testing in Pennsylvania, Maine, New Jersey, Georgia and FLORIDA!  There’s no word on when it could go nationwide, but at least it’s here in the sunshine state to simply your morning routine. (There’s no ... Read More »

This Is Not a Drill. Coca-Cola Is Bringing Coke Plus Coffee to the US

In 2006, after the launch of a Coke energy drink, Coke introduced a coffee drink called Coca-Cola Blak. In short, it changed my life. It had a sexy European name and my made my taste buds tingle. Apparently, that wasn’t the case with the rest of America though, because while Coke Blak performed well elsewhere in the world, it was ... Read More »

GAME OF THRONES Misplaced Coffee Cup Takes Over Internet

Can’t get anything by Game of Thrones’ fans! Unless time travel is a part of the final episode, there was a pretty obvious editing error in a scene about 17 minutes in to last night’s episode, “The Last of the Starks.” A disposable coffee cup appeared on a table in Winterfell’s Great Hall where Daenerys Targaryen is seated, while Tormund Giantsbane toasts ... Read More »