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23 Easy Booze + Halloween Candy Pairings

When it comes to beer, wine, booze or candy… I generally don’t discriminate. Pizza also falls into that category but that’s not what we are talking about here. This is about Halloween candy — and some of our favorite ways to enjoy it grown up style. Wine Pairings 1. Peanut M&M’s + Chardonnay 2. Starburst + Rosé 3. Popcorn Balls + Sparkling ... Read More »

Peeps On Pizza Is a Crime Against Humanity… But Is It Good?

Here we go again. Peeps on Pizza or Peepza as some call it, is the atrocity that rears its ugly head once a year to remind us that there are some things that absolutely don’t belong on pizza. This crime against humanity was actually documented almost a decade ago in a blog post for Slice.Serious Eats. The author, Adam Kuban, did ... Read More »