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Get Paid $1,000 to Take A Tech-Free Vacation in Joshua Tree

When was the last time you unplugged for a few days? Studies show the average American spends more than 11 hours per day connected to some time of media and that doesn’t leave much time for actually living! It’s time to disconnect. It’s time for a digital detox. It’s time for a vacation paid for by someone else. Internet provider ... Read More »

Wild Family Fight Caught on Video at Disney’s Toontown

It’s a sad day when adults find a way to ruin Disneyland for kids but here we are. On Saturday, a family at Disneyland and got into a rowdy brawl right in the middle of Mickey’s Toontown. As expected, someone took a video of the whole thing and posted it to YouTube. (***Warning – this video is very, very NSFW***)  ... Read More »

Truck Driver Tries to Pass Off Fake Licence Plate as Real

A tractor trailer truck driver has been arrested after authorities spotted a phony license plate on his rig. Here’s a snippet from the report: Recently, a motorcycle officer conducted a traffic enforcement stop on a tractor-trailer for a false license plate (see photo). During the investigation, the driver appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. The driver was arrested ... Read More »

Mugshot Of The Year? Meet Long Head Man.

If you thought THICK NECK MAN was impressive — allow me introduce you to LONG HEAD MAN.  Long head, or big head as some prefer to call him is the latest MUGSHOT OF THE YEAR contestant. This 61-year-old homeless California man was arrested last week for a street fight after knocking a man with a metal rod unconscious with a ... Read More »

Another State Could Make Eating Roadkill Legal

A proposed California state law could make it legal for residents to eat road kill. Senate Bill 395, if approved, will allow people who accidentally hit and kill wild animals on California roads to take the edible parts. And, chances are it will happen because more than 20 other states have already made eating roadkill legal, including Florida. Upon further ... Read More »