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Half a million people have signed on for “Storm Area 51”

By now everyone has heard or read about the Facebook event “Storm Area 51”. So far over 1/2 a million people have signed up or have marked “interested”. A good hand full of people have recognized it is a joke, but how many will actually try to go through with this plan? One of the Facebook users, Jackson Barnes, wrote ... Read More »

This has bad idea written all over it!

Area 51

There’s a Facebook event that is called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us.” They’re planning on getting as many people as they can to pretty much invade Area 51, one of the most heavily guarded military bases in the world. So far, over 200k people have pledged to take part in the event. It’s all to see ... Read More »

Are Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston trying to tell us something?

Both Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston shared the same exact tweet yesterday (6-25-19) and it has people wondering just what they’re trying to say. It shows a picture of two donkeys.. or MULES and just says… “Soon”. Could this mean Bryan Cranston is coming back? Did he survive and will now return to making his blue Meth? Or… will he ... Read More »