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Amazon has a new bracelet… that SHOCKS you… on purpose

They say it’s to help you break bad habits such as, smoking,  over eating, nail biting, etc. They way it helps you is by sending you a tiny shock into your wrist. The shock isn’t enough to kill or hurt you, but strong enough to catch your attention.  Each charge holds up to 150 shocks, so depending on how much ... Read More »

There’s a New Way to Listen at Home

There’s a new way to your favorite rock station at home or anywhere you have an Amazon ALEXA enable device. Just say, “ALEXA, PLAY WHOG.” It’s that easy. Really. All you need is a functional Amazon ALEXA enabled device and you can ask to listen to DAYTONA’S ROCK STATION for over 20 years, just say, “ALEXA, PLAY WHOG” and rock ... Read More »