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“Superdad” to the rescue!
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“Superdad” to the rescue!

With the holiday weekend coming up, many will be enjoying their time by a pool or some body of water. There are also risks we all tend to forget. Drowning.

There’s a dad named Albert Passavanti and he was enjoying some family time by the pool when every parents worst fear came to life. His 1 1/2 year old son was running to an inflatable ball that was in the pool and he tried reaching for it but fell in . The child did not know how to swim, but thanks to the quick reaction form Passavanti, he is still alive.

Passavanti saw what had happened and says he didn’t even think twice when he got  up and bolted over a 4 ft fence and dove into the water to save his son.

He states “The second you see it, you get Superman strength and just have to go for it… whatever you got to do,” “It didn’t even cross my mind to go around. It was point A to point B.”

High-5 dad!

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Posted by Albert Passavanti on Sunday, June 23, 2019