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She starts her car with her arm…
Photo: Shuttertock

She starts her car with her arm…

Body modifications not too rare  in our society anymore. We’re now even used to seeing people with full tattoo sleeves or even facial piercings. That being said… there’s another trend in body modification world that kind of mixes science fiction and implanting technology into the human body. People who do this are known as “bio-hackers”. 

Bio-hacking comes with all kinds of risks, but that didn’t stop software engineer, Amie D.D. from taking a chance with the key-card from her Tesla model 3. She worked with a body modification studio in Texas and they implanted the RFID chip from a Tesla key-card into her forearm.

The RFID chip encapsulated in a bio-safe plastic capsule AND it works.

She can now unlock and start her car with just a swipe from her arm.

That’s crazy!

Click “Tesla model 3 chip install”  to see the video. Skip to :50 to see the chip being implanted.