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Likes – Football, Fights, Pizza, Nickelback, Racing, Affliction Wear

Dislikes – Green Veggies, Floyd Mayweather Jr

Heroes – Walter Payton, Michael Keaton, Robbie Lawler

Fave Color – Green (Loud)

Fave Beer – Most

Motto – Turn it UP!

Born in West Virginia, raised in Ohio, and a graduate of Sprayberry High School in Marietta, GA,

RIGGS has held music-related jobs for most of his life.  He worked at Turtle’s Records from 1983-1993, gathering a wealth of music & artist knowledge.  Upon graduating from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, RIGGS went to work full-time at WNGM Television in Athens. From then it was on, a life of beer, babes & rock-n-roll.  He thought playing rock on the radio would be a better gig than living in a teepee in the woods of Georgia, so to the beach he came, with nothing but a pair of shorts, flip-flops and a beat up Boombox with Metallica’s Greatest Hits.

Riggs is your morning show host weekdays from 6a-10a and on Saturday he’ll crank it up from 9pm to midnight with stuff you’ll never hear during the week on the HOG… from Buckcherry to Slipknot!

First responder’s fooled


There’s a girl from West Virginia named Sidney Wolfe, and she recently attended a Costume Party as Carrie . You know.. the  Bloody High school girl? The costume looked pretty good. Maybe a little too good… When she left the party to go home, she unfortunately totaled her car and when the first responder’s showed up, they thought she was dead. She ... Read More »

$334,000 for a sweater!

Kurt Cobain

There was an auction recently that took in $334,000 for a GREEN CARDIGAN… Not just any Green Cardigan…. Nirvana’s front man, Kurt Cobain’s green cardigan from the 1994 MTV Unplugged album. The interesting thing other than how much it sold for is that it has NEVER been washed. It still has stains on it and cigarette burns. Darren Julien of ... Read More »

There’s a monster shark off our coast!

Great White shark

Ocearch, a non profit marine life tracking team worked with Seaworld and have tagged and tracked a female great white weighing in at over 2,ooo lbs and coming in at over 15 feet long! They found her swimming off the coast of Myrtle Beach S.C on October 12th and have now tracked her all the way down in the keys! ... Read More »

VIP passes to HOGoWEEN!!!

Text 386-257-0324 and tell us who you think will win the BRAIN BASH. Guy or Intern Steve! You could win VIP passes to our Halloween Bash ‘Hogoween” at the Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach On Thursday October 31st. Sound Theory will be taking the Stage at 8pm and there’s a $500 costume contest. Details below.   Daytona’s biggest and best ... Read More »

Free beer!!!

Miller Lite wants to seriously give you free beer and they way they are marketing this free beer is actually pretty clever. They want you to UN-FOLLOW them on Facebook and Instagram. They’re saying that they think society needs to spend more time with PEOPLE than on their phones. Miller Lite said they were also going to take a break ... Read More »

Help Intern Steve go “Over The Edge”, click below to find out!

Intern Steve, here! I’m teaming up with The NASCAR Foundation & Easterseals of Northeast Central Florida to raise $1,000 so I can go “Over The Edge” by rappelling off of One Daytona! I know it’s somewhat of a late notice, but I’m positive I can make the deadline. I’ll be competing against local legends like Jim Jawarski with the Tortugas ... Read More »

That’s a LOYAL dog

Stray dog

There’s a dog in Thailand that has to be the most LOYAL dog in the world! His name is Bong Bong and he has been sitting in the same spot on the side of the road where he lost his owner FOUR years ago. Bong Bong jumped out of his owners truck at that spot and has been seen by ... Read More »

$20,000 if you can finish this haunted house!


There’s a haunted house in Summertown Tennessee named “McKamey Manor” and the owner will give you $20,ooo if you can complete it. If you’re asking if here’s a catch… there is. You have to complete a physical, pass a drug test, prove you have medical insurance, pass a background check AND sign a 40 page waiver. Yeah, it’s that intense! ... Read More »

Jeff Bezos is looking to the moon


Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon has his sights set on returning to the moon. He has recruited some big hitting help, too. He has partnered with  Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Draper. The team is developing the transportation to the moon and also the return vehicle FROM the moons surface. The New lunar lander that Blue Origin is building is called  “Blue Moon”. ... Read More »

Dog brings owner something they would never expect

Digging dog

Dogs tend to dig up odd things from time to time, but this dog in Gibson County, Tennessee brought his owners something they never expected. A HUMAN skull! The Gibson County Sheriffs office came out and searched the wooded area that the dog dug it up from and didn’t find any other remains. They gave it to the medical examiner ... Read More »