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Likes – Football, Fights, Pizza, Nickelback, Racing, Affliction Wear

Dislikes – Green Veggies, Floyd Mayweather Jr

Heroes – Walter Payton, Michael Keaton, Robbie Lawler

Fave Color – Green (Loud)

Fave Beer – Most

Motto – Turn it UP!

Born in West Virginia, raised in Ohio, and a graduate of Sprayberry High School in Marietta, GA,

RIGGS has held music-related jobs for most of his life.  He worked at Turtle’s Records from 1983-1993, gathering a wealth of music & artist knowledge.  Upon graduating from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, RIGGS went to work full-time at WNGM Television in Athens. From then it was on, a life of beer, babes & rock-n-roll.  He thought playing rock on the radio would be a better gig than living in a teepee in the woods of Georgia, so to the beach he came, with nothing but a pair of shorts, flip-flops and a beat up Boombox with Metallica’s Greatest Hits.

Listen to Saturday Night Loud every Saturday from 9pm-Midnight.  He’ll crank it to “11” with stuff you’ll never hear during the week on the HOG.  From Buckcherry to Slipknot to Barry Manilow’s greatest hits!

NASA is renting out rooms.

NASA is renting rooms in the ISS for $35k a night. What a deal! The whole trip will cost roughly $50 mil, and that’s just NASA ball parking it. You can have the fat bank acct, but you will also be required to be run through the rigorous health and fitness tests. Just for running the toilet and regenerative life ... Read More »

WATCH: More Beers For Summertime | Morning Hog Brew Review

Morning Hog Brew Review: Abita, Big Storm, Schofferhofer, Sierra Nevada, Dogfish Head

01:00 Abita Subtle Tea | 4.8% ABV 03:36 Big Storm Tropic Pressure Florida Ale | 4.4% ABV 06:30 Schofferhofer Hefeweizen Grapefruit Bier | 2.5% ABV 09:45 Sierra Nevada Sierraveza | 5% ABV 11:35 Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty Lo Cal IPA | 4% ABV ___ S.R. PERROTT Website – https://www.srperrott.com Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/srperrott Twitter – https://twitter.com/srperrott Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/srperrott *BEER FINDER ... Read More »

Iceberg pirate

There’s a man named Nicholas Sloane and he wants to do something that seems ridiculous and smart at the same time. He wants to drag a 125 ton iceberg from Antarctica to South Africa to help replenish their fresh water source. Sloane is a professional marine salvager and hopes to solve the drinking water crisis in South Africa by way ... Read More »

Are you stressing your dog out?

A new study out of Sweden states that when you feel stressed out, your dog is stressed. They studied 58 people that had Collies or Shetland Sheepdogs and they paid attention to their hair in particular. The measured the cortisol levels in both the human and the dog. Cortisol is a chemical your body releases through the bloodstream when you’re ... Read More »

97 year old drops in on same ladings site as he did on D-Day.

Tom Rice, 97, went back to the same exact spot he dropped in on on June 6th, 1944 with the 101st airborne division. Nearly 13,000 U.S. paratroopers took the jump into Normandy, France on D-Day.  In honor of the 75th anniversary, Tom took back to the sky to relive the moment and the sight was nothing short of breath taking. ... Read More »

You called police for this?

A woman called police to report that the Taco Bell that she was trying to get tacos from… was out of taco shells. Both soft and hard tacos. Yeah, she was so frustrated that she called for back up! Police obviously couldn’t do anything about it, but what they DID do was pretty funny. They took to social media and ... Read More »

This isn’t creepy at all….

For us, this is a big … UM, NOPE!!! There’s an artist in Japan named DJ DOOOO and he  created a coin purse that is eerily similar to a human mouth.  When you squeeze it or open the lips, the inside has realistic teeth and a tongue. It’s made to look like the bottom of a mans face complete with ... Read More »

Is this real or a farce? You decide.

According to a new climate change report, we may be on the way to extinction….. It’s claiming there is a “high likelihood” human civilization will come to an end by 2050 unless action is taken on greenhouse gas emissions. This is assuming we stay on our current course of motion. The report states that emissions will lock a 37 degrees ... Read More »

Another Gator in the news!

Gator crashes picnic – A woman planned a romantic picnic for her Fiance’ who was headed to Marine boot camp. She took him to Lake Alice in Gainesville and their party was crashed.. by a hungry gator. He came up from the lake and he went straight for the guacamole. He ate the whole bowl. The couple caught the whole ... Read More »