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Likes – Football, Fights, Pizza, Nickelback, Racing, Affliction Wear

Dislikes – Green Veggies, Floyd Mayweather Jr

Heroes – Walter Payton, Michael Keaton, Robbie Lawler

Fave Color – Green (Loud)

Fave Beer – Most

Motto – Turn it UP!

Born in West Virginia, raised in Ohio, and a graduate of Sprayberry High School in Marietta, GA,

RIGGS has held music-related jobs for most of his life.  He worked at Turtle’s Records from 1983-1993, gathering a wealth of music & artist knowledge.  Upon graduating from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, RIGGS went to work full-time at WNGM Television in Athens. From then it was on, a life of beer, babes & rock-n-roll.  He thought playing rock on the radio would be a better gig than living in a teepee in the woods of Georgia, so to the beach he came, with nothing but a pair of shorts, flip-flops and a beat up Boombox with Metallica’s Greatest Hits.

Riggs is your morning show host weekdays from 6a-10a and on Saturday he’ll crank it up from 9pm to midnight with stuff you’ll never hear during the week on the HOG… from Buckcherry to Slipknot!

Homeless man get trolled in the best way.

There was a homeless man in Manatee county that was begging for money from local motorists and one in particular, Ryan Bray, stopped and offered him $15 an hour to do lawn work at his home. The homeless guy TURNED HIM DOWN!!! Bray went home and made his own sign and came back. He then stood next to the man ... Read More »

Who is more strict? Mom or Dad?

Who was the more strict parent in your house?  A new survey asked 2,000 people with kids.  And apparently MOMS tend to be the most strict. She lays the smack down on things like, homework, TV usage, video games, etc. Dads are more strict with punishments and bad behavior.   41% said Mom is the strict one in their family, compared to 30% ... Read More »

Where’s your comfort zone?

With it being blistering hot outside during our Florida summers, we pose the question…. What is your “comfort zone” when it comes to using the AC in your home? Some people turn it up while they’re not home then turn it down when they go to sleep. Intern Steve likes it at 78 Degrees Guy prefers 72-74 Degrees Riggs keeps ... Read More »

That is not how you use it!

It’s bad enough when you see someone take their shoes off on a plane. Its even WORSE to see them do THIS! A video on Twitter shows someone using their BARE feet to swipe through movies on the panes touch screen monitor in front of them. That’s just gross, right? My friend who doesn’t have twitter sent this from her ... Read More »

There’s a NEW viral trend…

There’s a new viral trend going around and this one does NOT harm other people, its just…..ridiculous? People are stapling pieces of bread to….TREES. There’s no explanation. An entire community on Reddit is pretty devoted to it. You can check that out here. This is WAY better than the ice cream trend. Read More »

Police in Tennessee warn “Do NOT flush your drugs”.


After a man tried to flush drugs and other drug paraphernalia down his toilet during a raid, Police in Tennessee are warning drug users and dealers to NOT flush their meth. They’re saying it ends up in retention ponds that geese, ducks and Gators are known to be in. By flushing your drugs, it is in the water and ends ... Read More »

Sir Paul McCartney brings a friend on stage over the weekend.

Paul McCartney

Over the weekend, Paul McCartney was performing at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles to an eager crowd. There’s just one thing that they DEFINITELY weren’t expecting…. Especially after 53 years… McCartney had just finished playing ” Birthday “, his first song of the encore when he announced ,“a surprise for us, a surprise for you, a surprise for everyone…… ladies and ... Read More »

Half a million people have signed on for “Storm Area 51”

By now everyone has heard or read about the Facebook event “Storm Area 51”. So far over 1/2 a million people have signed up or have marked “interested”. A good hand full of people have recognized it is a joke, but how many will actually try to go through with this plan? One of the Facebook users, Jackson Barnes, wrote ... Read More »

The Flintstones are coming back?

There’s no word on a network yet, but the Flintstones are coming back and this time its not for kids. They’re making an “adult” themed Flintstones. Not racy, just adult themed humor. It’s being produced by Elizabeth Banks who wrote, directed, and produced the upcoming “Charlie’s Angels” movie, and appears in it as Bosley. Warner Bros. animation will also be involved. “The Flintstones” originally ... Read More »