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When asked to describe himself he said, “I guess I’m kind of like a puzzle inside a riddle dipped in conundrum and wrapped in bacon.” So we wrote this bio for him. 

I’m a happily married father of three four-legged kids, love spending time at the beach with my wife and kids and wouldn’t want to live anywhere but here in Daytona Beach. When I’m not on-air or online you can find me designing my next tattoo or sampling the local flavors of Florida… craft beer, spirits and food always taste a little bit better when they are made closer to home!

I’m here though because I love radio, it gives me a chance to be a part of the community and help others. (Veterans and animals have a special place in my heart.) Find me anywhere online at @realshawnquinn Cheers!



Fans Start Petition to Name the Black Hole After Chris Cornell

An online petition has been launched on change.org to name the recently photographed black hole after the Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell. The very first image of the almost impossible to comprehend cosmic phenomenon made its debut earlier this week – and it didn’t take long for fans to organize and effort to pay tribute to Cornell and Soundgarden’s 1994 track Black ... Read More »

David Hasselhoff Is Recording “Some Metal Music” For His New Album

The HOFF says he’s recording some “heavy metal songs” for an upcoming album and this news couldn’t make us much happier because when you think about it… is there really anyone more metal than David Hasselhoff??? In a recent German interview hef said, quote, “I’m doing some heavy metal songs on my new album. Why not? I don’t have an album ... Read More »

Remembering Layne Staley: 5 Great Performances

It’s been 17 years since the untimely, but not unexpected death of Layne Staley. Even at the peak of his career he never hid his affair with heroin and ultimately lost his life. Today we want to remember the best of Layne. Her are 5 of our favorite performances. Alice in Chains – “Love, Hate, Love” Alice in Chains – ... Read More »

What Happened at Florida’s Twisted Tuna Restaurant is Weirder Than the Name

Martin County sheriff’s investigators say 25-year-old Florida man, Jordin Castro of Palm City, slammed his face into the concrete before 27-year-old Stuart, Florida woman Jessica Williams, grabbed his head and slammed his face into her crotch. All of this went down on March 23 at The Twisted Tuna Restaurant in Port Salerno, and I have so many questions. A Twisted ... Read More »

Ozzy Osbourne’s 2019 Tour Postponed Due to Injury

Ozzy Osbourne has postponed all of his 2019 tour dates. During his recent bout with pneumonia, Ozzy fell at home and sustained an undisclosed injury which required surgery. “I can’t believe I have to reschedule more tour dates,” says Ozzy. “Words cannot express how frustrated, angry and depressed I am not to be able to tour right now. I’m grateful ... Read More »

Florida Family Man’s Cocaine Treasure Hunt Focus of Netflix Special

A new Netlix documentary “The Legend of Cocaine Island” tells the true story of Archer, Florida businessman Rodney Hyden. In 2012, Hyden was charged with intent to distribute cocaine after embarking on a treasure hunt to uncover 70 pounds of buried “white gold” in Puerto Rico. He plays himself in the film and recounts the story of how he found out ... Read More »