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Maze brings you all the best rock every weeknight from 7 – Midnight!

A long time ago, at the tail-end of the 20th century, a star was born. A Viking, from the land of New York, she led an ambitious childhood, surrounded by music. It was a passion that followed her throughout her life and off to UCONN she went to learn to teach her passion to children. This hard-fought battle, however, ended in strife and she moved back to her homeland, where she landed a job selling instruments to her heroes.

Eventually, she decided to seek out foreign lands and sailed her vessel down the stormy shores of I-95, where she landed in Florida! There she found her true calling and completed her degree in Audio Engineering from Daytona State College. From there, there was no stopping her. She fought many battles and eventually found her way to the mighty studios of 95.7 The Hog.

And so her tale begins!

Florida Man Pulls Sword On Dad And Electrician

As a nerd, I feel like I can say this….nerds really need to work on their social skills. Siler Elroy Ballard, 24, from Melbourne was charged with two counts of aggravated assault after he pulled a samurai sword on his father and a handyman. Apparently Siler had been playing games on his console in the family’s barn when the handyman ... Read More »

New From Metallica….A Kids Book?

Well, it looks like James wasn’t kidding when he said Metallica shows are more “family-friendly” since he had his kids. Because Metallica’s newest project is a children’s book. “The ABC’s of Metallica” is due out November 26, and “looks back at the history of the band from…A to Z!” Supposedly there are rhymes and illustrations to entertain the little ones. ... Read More »

Breaking and Exercising?

I feel like if you’re going to rob a place, stopping for a quick workout probably isn’t in your best interest. 39-year-old Jamey Sanders, from Salina, Kansas, probably wishes he hadn’t hopped on an inversion table in the home he was attempting to rob. Once he strapped himself in, he did not have the core strength to pull himself back ... Read More »

Dumb Criminal Drops Gun…In Front Of Three Cops

It pays to be aware of your surroundings…especially if you’re a felon who happens to be carrying a loaded weapon. 34-year-old Emmanuel Lovett is a convicted felon from New York City with robbery and drug convictions, and as such, is not legally allowed to own a gun. That being said, on Saturday night, he stumbled in to a combination Dunkin’ ... Read More »

Florida Man Gets Saucy With His Girlfriend Over McDonald’s Order

It’s always pretty annoying when you don’t get the right order from McDonald’s,  but no one deserves this. 30-year-old Jesus Ferrer was staying at a Tampa area motel with his girlfriend on Sunday when she brought home the “wrong food” from a nearby McDonald’s. The mistake enraged Ferrer so much that he began pelting the woman with their plastic Sweet ... Read More »

Florida Man Cooks Himself A Tasty Snack While Robbing A Fast Food Joint

This seems like the most inefficient way to rob a place. 34-year-old Patrick Benson of Jensen Beach, Florida smashed through the window of a Wendy’s last week and proceeded to steal the safe. Before he left the place though, he fired up the grill and cooked himself a burger. And apparently it’s not the first time the “Hamburglar” pulled that ... Read More »

German Man Completely Misunderstands Cop’s Instructions

I’m not sure how you can misunderstand a request this badly without being on drugs, but here we are. Police pulled over a guy in Lüdenscheid, Germany recently and suspected the driver was on drugs, so they asked him to proved a urine sample. The man took the cup into some hedges for what was described as an “abnormal amount of ... Read More »

Social Media – Something We All Agree On?

Love it or hate it, it’s something we use on a daily basis. Whether you’re using it to keep up with friends and family or follow your favorite celebrities or if it’s where you get your new recipes, most of us hop onto some social media platform daily. A new study took a look at social media and the impact ... Read More »

Spinach – The New Performance-Enhancing Drug?

This one might top the charts for ridiculousness. Scientists in Germany are beginning to think that athletes should be banned from eating spinach…and that it belongs on the list of doping supplements. That’s right. Apparently Popeye was right all along, and spinach can help increase your strength. In their study, scientists had some athletes eat up to nine pounds of ... Read More »