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Maze brings you all the best rock every weeknight from 7 – Midnight!

A long time ago, at the tail-end of the 20th century, a star was born. A Viking, from the land of New York, she led an ambitious childhood, surrounded by music. It was a passion that followed her throughout her life and off to UCONN she went to learn to teach her passion to children. This hard-fought battle, however, ended in strife and she moved back to her homeland, where she landed a job selling instruments to her heroes.

Eventually, she decided to seek out foreign lands and sailed her vessel down the stormy shores of I-95, where she landed in Florida! There she found her true calling and completed her degree in Audio Engineering from Daytona State College. From there, there was no stopping her. She fought many battles and eventually found her way to the mighty studios of 95.7 The Hog.

And so her tale begins!

Melbourne Man Arrested For Painting A Slur In A Bathroom

I feel like this guy was dedicated to writing a slur on a bathroom wall, but in the laziest, most Florida way possible. 24-year-old Paul Scott was at Mugs Pub in Melbourne on Sunday night and apparently entered the restroom with his backpack. When he left, there was wet, pink paint on the wall that read “slur.” Nothing else, just ... Read More »

Mississippi Man Dressed Arrested While Dressed As Captain America

Ahh, the tragic downfall of another superhero…or just the story of another loon. 36-year-old David Hobbs was arrested early Monday morning, after attempting to break into a shed in the backyard of a home in Clarksdale. Fortunately, the homeowner had an alarm, and he managed to hold Hobbs at gunpoint until cops arrived. I guess to protect his identity, Hobbs ... Read More »

PA Man Falls Asleep In Dumpster – Wakes Up In Garbage Truck

This may be the definition of getting too trashed. An unidentified man from Pennsylvania claims to have gotten separated from his friend on Sunday night and needed a place to sleep. Unwisely, he decided a good place would be a dumpster. Well he woke up screaming sometime around 3:30 Monday morning, when a garbage truck came by and unloaded said ... Read More »

The Golf Cart Getaway Craze Has Reached Florida

Yesterday there was a story about a man in Oregon stealing a golf cart, today it’s Florida Man’s turn. An unnamed man was arrested yesterday after he and a group of two or three other men stole a car from a Palm City gas station. After leading police on a short chase, they crashed the car near Hammock Creek Golf ... Read More »

Oregon Man Claims God Told Him To Steal A Golf Cart

Oregon cops were called to a truck stop on reports that a man had stolen a golf cart and was driving it around the parking lot. When they arrived, they found 38-year-old Ryan Shenkel seemingly in deep conversation with himself, staring up at the sky. When questioned about the golf cart, he told officers that God told him to steal ... Read More »

Wife Buys DNA Test For Husband, Turns Out They’re First Cousins

Turns out the government having your DNA on file may not be the worst thing about home DNA testing. A woman recently wrote to a popular podcast for some advice. She says she bought her husband one of those home DNA kits for his birthday, but the results of it ended up “poisoning” their marriage. It turns out that they ... Read More »

Car Salesman Kidnapped On Test Drive

Well this must have been terrifying. A car salesman in Spokane, Washington took 32-year-old Kasandra Ayala, a man, and a child on a test drive Saturday afternoon. While on the test drive, Ayala dropped the child off, and afterward seemed out of sorts. At that point, the salesman told Ayala that the test drive was over, and she should return to ... Read More »

Florida Man Pulls Machete On Friend For Not Flushing Toilet

If you’re going to use a friend’s toilet, common courtesy would say you should flush one man did not and suffered the consequences. 46-year-old Keith Mounts allowed a friend to use the bathroom in his mobile home, in Hudson, Saturday. And for some reason Mounts felt the need to tell his friend to make sure he flushed. So, of course, ... Read More »

Brown Recluse Spider Found In Woman’s Ear

This is news I would hope to never hear from a doctor. Susie Torres went to her doctor because she thought she had water in her left ear that just would not drain. After a brief checkup, the medical assistant ran from the room saying she was going to need more people because, “I think you have an insect in there.” ... Read More »