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Maze brings you all the best rock every weeknight from 7 – Midnight!

A long time ago, at the tail-end of the 20th century, a star was born. A Viking, from the land of New York, she led an ambitious childhood, surrounded by music. It was a passion that followed her throughout her life and off to UCONN she went to learn to teach her passion to children. This hard-fought battle, however, ended in strife and she moved back to her homeland, where she landed a job selling instruments to her heroes.

Eventually, she decided to seek out foreign lands and sailed her vessel down the stormy shores of I-95, where she landed in Florida! There she found her true calling and completed her degree in Audio Engineering from Daytona State College. From there, there was no stopping her. She fought many battles and eventually found her way to the mighty studios of 95.7 The Hog.

And so her tale begins!

It’s National Cat Day!

I’ve had to give my cat some extra love this week because she’s not loving our new couch, so I definitely am probably right in line with the results of this survey. According to the survey, the average cat owner spends 1016 hours a year on their cat, which is almost 20 hours a week. The survey also found that ... Read More »

New Port Ritchey Woman Calls 911 Because Nurse Is Too Slow

It seems like no one ever told this woman not to abuse 911… 33-year-old Jessica Ann Tyler made 11 calls to emergency services over the course of 15 days. Three of the calls came when she was in the hospital and the nurse was taking too long to get to her room.  Another call was about suspected drug activity at ... Read More »

Bonita Springs Woman Brings Tree Into Gas Station, Gets Arrested

When you want to get arrested, I guess you’ll do anything… 29-year-old Jeri Lentscher walked into a 7-11 in Bonita Springs around 2:30 Wednesday morning, carrying a thorn tree and a metal rod. She told the employee on duty that she was being hurt and needed them to call 911. The employee did not call right away, which prompted Lentscher ... Read More »

Watch: Dude Blows Up Backyard Trying To Get Rid Of Roaches

I love fire! However, I feel like it is probably not the most effective way of getting rid of nuisance bugs. A Brazilian man, Cesar Schmitz, just wanted to please his wife. She is terrified of roaches and they were taking over the backyard, so she asked him to take care of the problem. Schmitz’s bright idea was to get ... Read More »

Woman Banned From Caribbean Cruises For Crazy Selfie

The things people will do for a selfie are astounding. Like the woman who was recently banned from Caribbean Cruises for life after climbing over the rail of her balcony just to get a photo. Another passenger spotted the woman and alerted crew members. Peter Blosic was the man who spotted the selfie-taking passenger and had this to say: While ... Read More »

New Jersey Couple Suing Fast Food Chain Over $2.18

What is the cost of pride? $2.18 apparently. Back in May a couple from New Jersey, Nelson Estrella-Rojas and Joann Estrella, saw a commercial on TV for Taco Bell. They were announcing the $5 Chalupa Cravings boxes. Well, the Estrellas got excited and headed on over to their nearest Taco Bell to pick up a couple. When they were charged, they ... Read More »

Arkansas Woman Tells Cops Her Brother Made Her Eat A Meth Sandwich

Here’s something you don’t hear everyday… A cop in Hot Springs, Arkansas pulled over a vehicle that turned out of a parking lot without headlights on. He immediately noted that the driver, 29-year-old Elizabeth Marie Catlett, was moving about the vehicle erratically and that the car smelled weed. Catlett’s brother, 33-year-old Don Russell Furr, was in the passenger seat. Another ... Read More »

Woman Wearing Meth Bow Gets Arrested

Introducing the new fashion accessory that will get you instantly arrested – The Meth Bow! Recently, a police officer in Flippin, Arkansas pulled over 38-year-old Jessica Bernice Kropp. When he asked for her driver’s license, Kropp told him that it was suspended. Also, that she didn’t have insurance. Oh, and she couldn’t give him the vehicles registration since it was ... Read More »

Bradenton Man Smacks Mechanic In Head With Golf Club

I feel like this guy wasted a perfectly good golf club. 56-year-old Ronnie Cardenas was having his truck worked on at his home in Bradenton. Apparently the mechanic had been there for several hours, which made Cardenas irate. He came out and started berating the mechanic for taking too long. At that point, the mechanic began packing up his tools ... Read More »