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Maze brings you all the best rock every weeknight from 7 – Midnight!

A long time ago, at the tail-end of the 20th century, a star was born. A Viking, from the land of New York, she led an ambitious childhood, surrounded by music. It was a passion that followed her throughout her life and off to UCONN she went to learn to teach her passion to children. This hard-fought battle, however, ended in strife and she moved back to her homeland, where she landed a job selling instruments to her heroes.

Eventually, she decided to seek out foreign lands and sailed her vessel down the stormy shores of I-95, where she landed in Florida! There she found her true calling and completed her degree in Audio Engineering from Daytona State College. From there, there was no stopping her. She fought many battles and eventually found her way to the mighty studios of 95.7 The Hog.

And so her tale begins!

Iowa Inmate Appeals Life Sentence, Says He Already Died

You can’t say this guy isn’t creative. Benjamin Schreiber, 66, is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole in the Iowa State Penitentiary for bludgeoning a man to death back in 1996.  Well, in 2015, he became incredibly ill due to kidney stones, which eventually led to septic poisoning. He ended up being rushed to a hospital, ... Read More »

South Daytona Man On Probation Robs Probation Office

Latravia McGill, 37, is being held in the Volusia County Jail without bond after violating his probation by robbing a probation office. Officers responded to an alarm at the Judicial Corrections Service Office before 2am. They found that the front door had been forcibly opened, and noted a bicycle sitting next to the dumpster. One officer entered the building because ... Read More »

NSB Surfer Jumps Off Board, Lands on Shark

New Smyrna Beach has recorded its 12th shark bite of the year, proving why it is the Shark Bite Capital of the World. Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue said that 32-year-old Stephen Michelena was surfing in about 4 feet of water and he jumped off his board, landing directly on a shark. Obviously, the shark was startled, and it ... Read More »

German Couple Booted From Cruise Ship For Surprising Reason

I may be slightly envious of these two… Renate F and her husband Volker were on a TUI cruise for a two week Caribbean vacation. On the first night they were getting it on, and apparently it was loud. So loud, in fact, that it disturbed the captain. Shortly after their passionate session, there was a knock on their door ... Read More »

Brevard County Man Leaves 5-Year-Old Daughter Alone At Haunted House

This guy should be up for worst dad of the year. 35-year-old Charles Jones was arrested on Halloween night for leaving his five-year-old daughter alone at a Haunted House in Brevard County. He apparently dropped her off there and, according to the police report, “never attempted to go back to the aforementioned haunted house.” When police arrived at the scene, the ... Read More »

Missouri Man Commits Theft While Wearing Ironic Shirt

“It’s Not A Crime Unless You Get Caught.” That’s the slogan that was on the shirt of a Missouri Man who stole $600 in change from a laundromat near St. Louis. Apparently he caused $1300 in damages to the coin-dispensing vending machine and walked off with nearly 15 pounds of change. Security cameras in the establishment did get a fairly ... Read More »

Port Charlotte Man Steals Condoms, Leaves Phone Behind

Oh Florida Man, when will you learn? 24-year-old John Speicher entered a Wal-Mart in Port Charlotte on Sunday and walked out with some condoms and personal lubricant that he’d swiped from a display. How was he identified? Well, he left his phone behind. Unfortunately, he is still at large because he has not returned home, but he is apparently wanted ... Read More »

It’s National Cat Day!

I’ve had to give my cat some extra love this week because she’s not loving our new couch, so I definitely am probably right in line with the results of this survey. According to the survey, the average cat owner spends 1016 hours a year on their cat, which is almost 20 hours a week. The survey also found that ... Read More »

New Port Ritchey Woman Calls 911 Because Nurse Is Too Slow

It seems like no one ever told this woman not to abuse 911… 33-year-old Jessica Ann Tyler made 11 calls to emergency services over the course of 15 days. Three of the calls came when she was in the hospital and the nurse was taking too long to get to her room.  Another call was about suspected drug activity at ... Read More »