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He was “Hunkering down”.
Photo by Bas de Korte on Unsplash

He was “Hunkering down”.

A woman named Angelique Micallef-Courts in Altamonte Springs, FL says that she went outside after Hurricane Dorian had passed over and discovered that something had “Hunkered down” in her family swimming pool.

This something was a little gator. She said “Looks like Dorian blew a gator into my swimming pool”.

Although we didn’t get hit as hard as we expected, we’re guessing the little gator was just looking for a safe place.

Her video quickly made its way to the local news stations and officials want to warn that gators aren’t the only creatures that could find themselves seeing refuge in your yard during and after a storm. Rising water levels push these animals out of their usual habitats.

Check out the video by clicking here.