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Guy is on-air 6-10 am on “The Morning Hog” with Riggs

Guy began his radio career interning  here at Southern Stone. He has since then moved into the morning show producer/co-host position.

He also served in the United States Navy in Coronado, California. Upon moving back to central Florida, he attended Connecticut School of Broadcasting, where he earned his degree in broadcasting. After finishing top of his class he acquired the intern position for the morning show, right here at Southern Stone.

Guy has also been known to take the stage on weekends while playing his acoustic guitar and singing a variety of covers and originals.

I like to live by my motto…Wake up, make a difference, repeat

The “Nashville 6”. Tour Kittens.

Sister Hazel, the rock band from Gainseville was in for a little, yet, big surprise. A new litter of kittens was hiding in one of the bus compartments while they were on tour.  The six kittens were living in an abandoned bus, but the mother must have moved them before the band took off on their bus from Nashville. From ... Read More »

How hot was it this weekend?

It was so hot this weekend that police actually asked criminals to wait until today to commit crimes. Yes, they actually told them to stay indoors until this am. A news station tried to bake biscuits in their car and it kinda worked! Fans at a cubs game gave the WIND a standing ovation. Zoos were giving blood infused popsicles  ... Read More »

Trojan Horse concept for cancer patients.

 The same tactics used by the ancient  Greeks in battle are being used by researchers at Northwestern University to fight cancer today. A newly designed drug delivery system is capable of disguising chemotherapeutics as fat, which is what cancerous tumors feed on, creating an effect like the “Trojan horse”. Tumors are basically “tricked” into inviting the chemotherapeutics inside, allowing the ... Read More »

Could this be the beginning of the end for mosquitoes?


Researchers in china may have the key to getting rid of those pesky mosquitoes! They focused  two population control methods.First, the use of radiation which effectively sterilizes mosquitoes. Second, they used  a certain strain of bacteria called Wolbachia that leaves mosquito eggs dead on arrival. They found that the number of hatched mosquitoes eggs dropped by 94 %, and no new eggs were ... Read More »

Bud Light gets in on the Area 51 hype.

Well, they weren’t going to get in on it, but then Bud Light decided they probably should. They started by saying they Wanted to be the first brand to formally announce they will not be sponsoring the Area 51 raid… . They changed their minds and it was pretty funny. Here are the Tweets.   Read More »

Who is more strict? Mom or Dad?

Who was the more strict parent in your house?  A new survey asked 2,000 people with kids.  And apparently MOMS tend to be the most strict. She lays the smack down on things like, homework, TV usage, video games, etc. Dads are more strict with punishments and bad behavior.   41% said Mom is the strict one in their family, compared to 30% ... Read More »

Where’s your comfort zone?

With it being blistering hot outside during our Florida summers, we pose the question…. What is your “comfort zone” when it comes to using the AC in your home? Some people turn it up while they’re not home then turn it down when they go to sleep. Intern Steve likes it at 78 Degrees Guy prefers 72-74 Degrees Riggs keeps ... Read More »

That is not how you use it!

It’s bad enough when you see someone take their shoes off on a plane. Its even WORSE to see them do THIS! A video on Twitter shows someone using their BARE feet to swipe through movies on the panes touch screen monitor in front of them. That’s just gross, right? My friend who doesn’t have twitter sent this from her ... Read More »