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Guy is on-air 6-10 am on “The Morning Hog” with Riggs

Guy began his radio career interning  here at Southern Stone. He has since then moved into the morning show producer/co-host position.

He also served in the United States Navy in Coronado, California. Upon moving back to central Florida, he attended Connecticut School of Broadcasting, where he earned his degree in broadcasting. After finishing top of his class he acquired the intern position for the morning show, right here at Southern Stone.

Guy has also been known to take the stage on weekends while playing his acoustic guitar and singing a variety of covers and originals.

I like to live by my motto…Wake up, make a difference, repeat

Rooting for your team is exercise?


You can refer to your favorite teams as “we” and “us” now! According to a new study, WATCHING sports is almost as much of a workout as PLAYING those sports. Almost….  Researchers at the University of Leeds in England found that when passionate fans watched their team play in important games, their heart rates went up about 64% higher than ... Read More »

Digital Detox for $1000?

RV Camper

There’s pretty cool challenge being  put out by satelliteinternet.com, a tech company advertising a “dream job” that, for some people, it might be a little too tough. The winner will spend three nights in an Airbnb vintage camper in Joshua Tree National Park, with no tech devices AT ALL.  No phone, computer, TV, music player, they must totally unplug. “We’re ... Read More »

Food on a stick

Food on a stick

A new survey asked Americans to name their favorite food served on a stick and corn dogs came in first. Which one would be your #1 choice? Here’s the top 10.   1.  Corn dogs. 2.  Popsicles. 3.  Meat kebabs. 4.  Caramel apples. 5.  Lollipops. 6.  Cake pops. 7.  Fruit kebabs. 8.  Cheesecake. 9.  Pie pops. 10.  Other foods on ... Read More »

Cracking down on vaping


The Seminole County School District is looking to technology to help with the vaping problem on school campuses by installing vape-detecting devices in some schools and bathrooms. The device will monitor air quality. If the air changes because a student is vaping, it sends a text or email to school administrators and it will alert them as to where the vaping its happening. ... Read More »

DNA website brings two brothers together after 50 yrs.


A pretty cool “feel good” story that involves DNA services… Boynton Beach Officer Eric Reynolds took a 23andMe test three years ago just for fun. Unbeknownst to him, his half-brother, Orange County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Dave Stull, took the same exact test. Stull says it was “Primarily for the medical stuff,” “I wanted to see what what my chances of ... Read More »

Back to school extras?

School supplies

If you have children, you probably got the back to school list of supplies needed for the classroom. Riggs got ANOTHER list when his daughter came home with a ton of paperwork to fill out on her first day of school. Does anyone else have the round two shopping blues? Read More »

Bad first date is an understatement

Police chase

A woman went on a first date with a man  and ended up in a  police chase after he took off during a traffic stop. She had just met the man from the Orlando area on a dating website and they ended up at a Palm Coast Denny’s for dinner before heading back to her home. That’s when things went ... Read More »

School is back in session.

school crossing

School is back in session and crossing guards will be out. Ignoring them WILL cost you, and here’s why Under Florida law, a crossing guard is considered a traffic control device when in the performance of their duties. That essentially means that they’re considered the same as a law enforcement officer or firefighter at a scene. That being said, failing ... Read More »

Is this a real “RULE”?

Food on floor

Do you follow the 5 second rule after food falls on the floor? Here’s a list of items that people are most and least likely to pick up and eat after 5 seconds.   1.  A cookie . . . 95% will eat it if they drop it on the floor. 2.  A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup . . . ... Read More »