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Guy is on-air 6-10 am on “The Morning Hog” with Riggs

Guy began his radio career interning  here at Southern Stone. He has since then moved into the morning show producer/co-host position.

He also served in the United States Navy in Coronado, California. Upon moving back to central Florida, he attended Connecticut School of Broadcasting, where he earned his degree in broadcasting. After finishing top of his class he acquired the intern position for the morning show, right here at Southern Stone.

Guy has also been known to take the stage on weekends while playing his acoustic guitar and singing a variety of covers and originals.

I like to live by my motto…Wake up, make a difference, repeat

We’re not sure we agree

Middle age man

A new survey came out that says that you have the LEAST amount of fun at age 45. What? There are a whole bunch of people out here for Biketoberfest 2019 that are in that age area and we see they are having a blast. The survey says its because “that’s when you’re so stressed and busy with work and ... Read More »

Is your face worth $130,000?


Remember the movie, “iRobot”? That’s the one where all of the robots looked exactly the same. There’s a tech company that is being pretty secretive about their name, but they want you to submit a picture of your face to be used on their new robots. Sounds cool, right? What if they were to offer $130,000? Well, that’s exactly what ... Read More »

Steve’s Junk Mail

Junk mail

It’s that time of week again. Every Thursday at 7:50 am,  Intern Steve goes through his junk mail and reads your questions, comments and letters. You can text in to 386-257-0324 and ask us anything you want or just say hello! Was that thing we did the other day real? What brand of toothpaste does Riggs use? How many pants ... Read More »

Join us LIVE!!!

We will be taking our show on the road THIS FRIDAY! We will be broadcasting from Victory tattoo on Main St. from 6-10 am. We will have limited edition Hog shirts, patches, and koozies to give away. Located on 514 Main St, Victory tattoo is an award winning tattoo studio with an amazing staff of artists that are sure to leave ... Read More »

Taco beef recall


Taco Bell has issued a beef recall to the tune of 2.3 MILLION pounds. The recall is due to a customer finding metal shavings in their food. The seasoned taco meat was processed at a plant called Kenosha Beef in Columbus, Ohio, sometime between September 20th and October 4th. Some restaurants were suggesting steak and chicken before the recall was ... Read More »

Fired over Mac n Cheese

Macaroni and cheese

An employee of Panera bread was fired recently after posting a video on how their mac n cheese. The video shows the employee taking the frozen mac n cheese and placing it into boiling water then pouring it into the customers bowl. The video sparked many different opinions on social media one even claiming that it was just “Glorified hospital ... Read More »

TSA Pre-check enrollment this week.


If you don’t like the hassle of having to remove your belt, shoes, jacket and possibly items from your carry on while in the TSA check point… Daytona Beach International Airport is hosting a TSA Precheck enrollment all this week. Details below. You can pre-enroll here.   Daytona Int’l Airport Hosting TSA Precheck Enrollment Source: WNDB Read More »

What’s your topping?


It’s national sausage pizza day and we want to know what YOUR favorite topping is.   According to a survey, 52% of Americans say pepperoni is their favorite while sausage came in at 34% of people saying its in their top 3 favorite toppings. Following close behind is mushrooms at 31%. Bacon and plain cheese came in at 20% Anchovies came ... Read More »

Text in to win 3 day passes to Fall Cycle Scene at DIS

Play the brain bash all this week  at 8:30 am for your  chance at Tickets to Fall Cycle Scene at Daytona International Speedway! Here’s what you win.. A PAIR OF TICKETS INCLUDING UNOH FANZONE/GARAGE/INFIELD ACCESS. 3-Day Admission (UNOH Fanzone/Garage/Infield access) tickets with UNOH Fanzone passes   Send us a text and tell us who will win…. Guy or Intern Steve. 386-257-0324 You can ... Read More »