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Guy is on-air 6-10 am on “The Morning Hog” with Riggs

Guy began his radio career interning  here at Southern Stone. He has since then moved into the morning show producer/co-host position.

He also served in the United States Navy in Coronado, California. Upon moving back to central Florida, he attended Connecticut School of Broadcasting, where he earned his degree in broadcasting. After finishing top of his class he acquired the intern position for the morning show, right here at Southern Stone.

Guy has also been known to take the stage on weekends while playing his acoustic guitar and singing a variety of covers and originals.

I like to live by my motto…Wake up, make a difference, repeat

Follow your dreams!

Adam Sandler

By now…EVERYONE knows who Adam Sandler is, right? Well, Brad Pitt and Adam sat down with Variety not too long ago and Brad happened to share an interesting story about why he loves Adam so much, While Adam was attending NYU, his acting teacher asked him if he would like to go to the bar and grab a beer. While ... Read More »

What’s on your table?

A company called OnePoll surveyed 2000 people about their Thanksgiving habits and what they want to eat. They found that about 26% of people want something different on their table this year. They study also found that nearly half wouldn’t mind an “alternative” Thanksgiving. The Most common ways to have an “Alternative Thanksgiving” are Not having Turkey, Going out to ... Read More »

We talk to the champ!

George Foreman

George Foreman has never backed down from a challenge. At the age of 16 he was introduced to boxing and within 3 years he brought home the gold medal for his country. By the age of 24 he was the heavyweight champion of the world. Then, still at his athletic prime, he retired to devote his life to philanthropic causes ... Read More »

Gas pirates on the rise

Gas pump

We all know the ‘Skimmer” scam… Where thieves attach a device to a gas pump credit card reader and steal your info. Well, these thieves are using those skimmers to hit gas stations all over Florida. What they’re doing now is using those stolen credit card numbers and modifying SUVs and trucks to carry the fuel. They will replace the ... Read More »

Veterans day deals


We would like to start by saying THANK YOU to all the men and women who have served or are currently serving our country. There are other places that would like to say thank you as well. Here’s a list of places that have special deals for all vets! Here’s where you can grab a free meal! Applebee’s Buffalo Wild ... Read More »

Well, then there’s this guy…


David Rasmussen, a 38 year old and his friend were arrested in Oklahoma on Tuesday after trying to steal an ATV from someone’s house. David just so happened to be wearing a t-shirt that says “Ain’t nothin’ illegal ’til you get caught” Well, he did get arrested and when police searched his property, they found a lot more stolen goods. ... Read More »

Monkeying around

Rhesus Monkey

A kayaker named Rod Guynn was floating down the river in Silver Springs on October 29th when he started to hear odd “smacking” noises in the water. He had be told previously that other kayakers had seen Monkeys in the trees . So he turned on his camera and filmed these monkeys jumping out of the trees into the water. ... Read More »

Lewis Black!


Today we’re speaking with Comedian, Lewis Black. We chat about his rants, his past, and his awesome premium membership. We also chat about his show coming up February 7th in Orlando. LEWIS BLACK, GRAMMY Award-winning, stand-up comedian announces 2020 tour, ‘It Gets Better Every Day.’ “When I say, ‘It gets better every day,’ you might be wondering, ‘is he being facetious?’Come to the ... Read More »

Netflix is losing money.


Netflix says they’re losing about $135 million a month which comes out to around $1.6 BILLION a year. Why? It’s because of something you parents taught you as a young kid… SHARING. Yep. Netflix says because people share their password, it’s taking away money they could be getting for a new subscription. Sharing is pretty hard to police especially if ... Read More »

Would you?


We all know Pringles has come out with many different flavors and most of them are pretty strange, yet oddly tasty. We’re not sure about this one. Is it going too far for flavor? Pringles has come up with a “Turducken” KIT. If you’re not familiar with what a “Turducken” is… It’s where you cook a chicken inside of a ... Read More »