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Dad bods are the new six-pack?

Dad bods are the new six-pack?

Dad bods seem to be more popular with both women and now men. So, muscle bound jocks… MOVE OVER! Dad bods stats are rising year by year. Here are some figures, fellas. You can stop sucking in your gut now!


1.  79% of men with a dad bod say they’re happy with their body, and that is up from 64% last year.

2. 78% of both women and men say a dad bod is a sign a man is confident in his own skin

3.  71% of men say the “dad bod” has become fully accepted by society now (yay) and that’s up from 63% last year!

4.  Lastly, 65% of people say a dad bod is attractive while 61% say it’s sexy  and 51% say it’s the “new six pack.”


Time to hit the beach!