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Community Bunk bed living?
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Community Bunk bed living?

Would you pay to live in a community bunk bed living establishment? Well, there’s a place for you.

It’s called PODSHARE. There’s 10 -15 bunk bed style beds, a shared kitchen and living room, and the only doors are to the entrance of the house and the bathroom.

To “Rent” a bed….. it’s anywhere from $30-50 a night. Which could mean you would spend almost $1,200 a month to stay in a barracks style home. You get a bed, personal T.V. and a secured locker for valuables.

Typical age range of renters  are 20’s – early 30’s.

Co-founder Elvina Beck says, ‘Pod life is the future for singles which are not looking to settle down, but focus on their startups and experience something new.’