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Daytona made another list.

Daytona Beach

Biketoberfest ended yesterday and even with the rain, people were enjoying themselves! Maybe that’s because Daytona was named one of Florida’s Friendliest cities! It was also said that the city is easy to navigate which is true. It’s not too hard to find anything around here. We have some of the best restaurants, bars, and beaches around! Do you feel ... Read More »

95.7 The Hog Biketoberfest Tour 2019

Join 95.7 The Hog on the road this Biketoberfest & get your limited edition tour shirt! Here’s where we’ll be! Oct. 17, 11A – 1P – Willie’s Tropical Tattoo, Ormond Beach – Quinn Oct. 17, 3P – 7P – Victory Tattoo, Daytona Beach – Quinn Oct. 18, 6A – 10P – Victory Tattoo, Daytona Beach – Morning Hog Oct. 18, ... Read More »

Apple’s Siri Regularly Records Your Sexy Time and Drug Deals

“Siri” — Apple’s automated assistant — apparently has a kinky side. It turns out, according to The Guardian, the AI routinely records people doing all sorts of naughty things like having sex, drug deals and discussions with doctors. You can thank a hair-trigger recording feature that can be accidentally activated by the sound of a zipper and of course when ... Read More »

Man Down! Get Well, Chris Rhoads

Get Well Soon Chris Rhoads

Midday host Chris Rhoads took an unfortunate spill playing hockey last night and BROKE 3 RIBS! If you’ve ever hurt a rib — you know it’s excruciating. We’re all hoping for a speedy recovery (usually takes 6-8 weeks) and we can’t wait to hear his voice again! Feel free to send him your best wishes and keep his spirits up. Read More »