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Monkeying around

Rhesus Monkey

A kayaker named Rod Guynn was floating down the river in Silver Springs on October 29th when he started to hear odd “smacking” noises in the water. He had be told previously that other kayakers had seen Monkeys in the trees . So he turned on his camera and filmed these monkeys jumping out of the trees into the water. ... Read More »

Lewis Black!


Today we’re speaking with Comedian, Lewis Black. We chat about his rants, his past, and his awesome premium membership. We also chat about his show coming up February 7th in Orlando. LEWIS BLACK, GRAMMY Award-winning, stand-up comedian announces 2020 tour, ‘It Gets Better Every Day.’ “When I say, ‘It gets better every day,’ you might be wondering, ‘is he being facetious?’Come to the ... Read More »

Netflix is losing money.


Netflix says they’re losing about $135 million a month which comes out to around $1.6 BILLION a year. Why? It’s because of something you parents taught you as a young kid… SHARING. Yep. Netflix says because people share their password, it’s taking away money they could be getting for a new subscription. Sharing is pretty hard to police especially if ... Read More »

Would you?


We all know Pringles has come out with many different flavors and most of them are pretty strange, yet oddly tasty. We’re not sure about this one. Is it going too far for flavor? Pringles has come up with a “Turducken” KIT. If you’re not familiar with what a “Turducken” is… It’s where you cook a chicken inside of a ... Read More »

As if Flying wasn’t scary enough!

Flight attendant

A new study found that only 3 of the 11 major airlines have water that is safe to consume. They Tested for bacteria, E. Coli and how many times the airlines violated the aircraft drinking water rule. The two WORST ranked airlines for safe drinking water were Spirit and Jet Blue. They only cored a 1 out of 5 with ... Read More »



If you have a few sick days to burn and wanna make some cash.. .We have the perfect opportunity for you. Yep.. There’s a catch! You have to get purposely infected with the FLU. The National Institutes of Health wants to pay you $3,300 to have you use nasal spray to infect yourself with the flu so they can monitor symptoms. ... Read More »

HOGoWEEN 2019!

Let us first start off by saying thank you to the Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach for having us out for HOGoWEEN, 2019! THAT is how you do a Halloween Party! Also, Thank you to ALL who came out in costume and partied with us all night! Your costumes were phenomenal! Sound Theory ROCKED the stage all night and kept ... Read More »

The most fun you can have in 60 mins!

We had the privilege of being locked in a Code to Escape game room yesterday. It was honestly the most fun you can have in 60 mins! When you arrive, you are greeted with warm smiles and handshakes. They then discuss in depth which room would best suit you and your group. You then watch a brief video explaining what ... Read More »

Play the Morning Hog’s Brain Bash for passes to CODE TO ESCAPE!!!

Align yourself with Guy or Intern Steve during the Brain Bash at 8:30 by texting 386-257-0324 for your shot at passes to Code to Escape! You deserve 60 minutes of fun and Adventure! You can always make reservations by calling 386-315-5098 or by going to www.codetoescape.com   Fun time, adventure, excitement, escape game experience Enjoy the best thing to do ... Read More »

First responder’s fooled


There’s a girl from West Virginia named Sidney Wolfe, and she recently attended a Costume Party as Carrie . You know.. the  Bloody High school girl? The costume looked pretty good. Maybe a little too good… When she left the party to go home, she unfortunately totaled her car and when the first responder’s showed up, they thought she was dead. She ... Read More »