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Netflix has a movie that can physically make you sick?

Netflix has a movie called “The Perfection” and it’s physically making people sick. Viewers are reporting cases of nausea, actual vomiting and headaches because of its gory content. With the release not even being a week old, it is definitely causing quite the commotion. The film is set in Shanghai, China… and the story begins with Allison Williams playing a ... Read More »

“Dive bomb” bird causes brain injury .

A woman from Celebration Florida, Lisa Dixon,  was struck by a seasonal nesting bird and suffered a severe brain injury in 2017 and is suing Walt Disney World saying they did not warn guests that these birds were present and aggressive. According to the law suit filed in Orange County last week, they’re  seeking unspecified damages to the tune of ... Read More »

A.I. can soon make videos of you that you didn’t take…

Samsung has come out with a new AI algorithm that can make videos from just pictures of faces and it looks like a real video. The new development is called “Deep fake”. Deep fake is a way to create videos that look real, but aren’t. It takes multiple pictures of a face and superimposes them onto a source video using ... Read More »

Punished for breaking curfew.

A Florida woman wasn’t pleased when her Step son came home after his midnight curfew. So At 1230, she gave him two options. “ Tell the father or endure “Licks”… Yes, licks means the old term…whacks on the backside. She did it 30 times….With a leather belt.  Holy Crap… 30 times? Oh, did we mention the victim in question was ... Read More »

“Burn out” is officially a disease…

The World Heath Organization just classified “Burn Out” as a disease   So, you may be asking yourself… what exactly  is “burn out”?   Well, the official definition is, “chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.” A few symptoms are  Exhaustion , feeling negative, cynical, or detached from your job, and being less  effective at work. Possibly by 2022, ... Read More »

Woman survived for over two weeks by eating berries and moths.

Yoga instructor, Amanda Eller from NC was found in a forest on the island of MAUI after being missing for a little over two weeks. Her car was found with her cellphone and wallet still inside. When they did find her they said it was short of a miracle because of how thick the vegetation was in that area. She ... Read More »

Why we observe Memorial Day.

Memorial Day originally honored only those lost while fighting in the Civil War. But during World War I the United States found itself in another major conflict, and the holiday evolved to commemorate American military personnel who died in all wars. It was declared a National Holiday in 1971 making it the last Monday in May. So saying “Happy Memorial ... Read More »

Tom Hanks was denied a beer?

Tom Hanks was at the “Stagecoach Music festival”. He said he went up to the beer tent where you can PURCHASE beer and they wouldn’t serve him because he didn’t have a wrist band proving his ID was verified. Apparently the fact that he is TOM HANKS wasn’t good enough for those ladies behind the bar. Eventually someone came over ... Read More »

Summer. What’s it going to cost?

Kids are graduating, finishing their school year, and are ready for summer break! This means a lot of out door activities, right? Summers are for beach time, the springs, backyard BBQ’s, pools and water parks. For working parents this probably requires a PHD in time management. It could also mean budgeting. A simple slip and slide for the back yard ... Read More »