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3 months for…. cotton candy.

Cotton Candy

There’s a woman named Dasha Fincher and she was on her way to a pawn shop in Georgia when she was pulled over by police for her tint appearing to be too dark. Fincher said she wasn’t nervous because she wasn’t doing anything wrong or illegal, which is true. Dash cam footage shows that she was cooperative and calm, but ... Read More »

Dumb *** of the day.


There’s a man named James Giambra from Edgewater, Florida… and he thought that it would be a good idea to bring a helper with him as he went to work. It turns out that his idea of work is being a thief. Specifically two houses and a boat. When police finally caught up with him, they noticed his helper. It was ... Read More »

Calling Dr. Marijuana Pepsi

Marijuana Pepsi

Yes, this is a real story. There is a 46 year old woman from Illinois that proves not even an odd name can hold you back. This woman’s name is “Marijuana Pepsi”. Her full legal name is Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck. He Mother claims she named her daughter Marijuana Pepsi because it would ” Take her around the world”. This being ... Read More »

Did I do that?

Some people take matters into their own hands… and some get caught by their own security cameras. There’s a 59 year old woman named Annie Durham and she was tired of the neighbors “selling drugs and having people in and out”. So, Annie did what she though was the best thing to stop it. She BURNED their house down. She ... Read More »

Scientist found a way to slow the aging process.

We all thought the fountain of youth was just a myth that Ponce DeLeon came up with back when he “discovered”  it in the 16th century. Well, it could be a real thing now. Scientists have discovered that when older mice were given blood protein from younger mice, it slowed down the aging process. They found that when given the ... Read More »

Riggs’ Parental Performance Review

Riggs' Parental Evaluation

Every Father’s Day, Riggs’ kids give him a parental performance review… He just wants to make sure he’s being a good dad and this is the perfect time to see if he’s been living up to his expectations. This time he recorded it for your listening pleasure. Check out the audio clips below to see how Riggs did this year! ... Read More »

Oceans of Hope foundation

Oceans of hope is a non-profit organization and was started by a man named Danny Paltjon. Danny is a physically disabled gentleman and wanted to give hope and encouragement to people with any type of physical or mental disability. Oceans of Hope is a program that empowers paraplegic, quadriplegics, or anyone with a disability to enjoy the fun in the ... Read More »

WATCH: More Beers For Summertime | Morning Hog Brew Review

Morning Hog Brew Review: Abita, Big Storm, Schofferhofer, Sierra Nevada, Dogfish Head

01:00 Abita Subtle Tea | 4.8% ABV 03:36 Big Storm Tropic Pressure Florida Ale | 4.4% ABV 06:30 Schofferhofer Hefeweizen Grapefruit Bier | 2.5% ABV 09:45 Sierra Nevada Sierraveza | 5% ABV 11:35 Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty Lo Cal IPA | 4% ABV ___ S.R. PERROTT Website – https://www.srperrott.com Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/srperrott Twitter – https://twitter.com/srperrott Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/srperrott *BEER FINDER ... Read More »

WATCH: Summertime Beers | Morning Hog Brew Review

Morning Hog's Brew review Truly, Sierra Nevada, TBBC, and Leinenkugel

Riggs and Guy got to sample some flavors ready for the summer heat! Watch the video below or click on the timestamps to skip to specific drinks: 00:45 Truly Mango 03:44 Truly Pomegranate 05:17 Truly Passionfruit 05:55 Truly Pineapple 07:40 Leinenkugel Summer Shandy 10:36 Sierra Nevada Summer Fest 13:46 TBBC Last Days of Summer Read More »