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Is this real or a farce? You decide.

According to a new climate change report, we may be on the way to extinction….. It’s claiming there is a “high likelihood” human civilization will come to an end by 2050 unless action is taken on greenhouse gas emissions. This is assuming we stay on our current course of motion. The report states that emissions will lock a 37 degrees ... Read More »

Another Gator in the news!

Gator crashes picnic – A woman planned a romantic picnic for her Fiance’ who was headed to Marine boot camp. She took him to Lake Alice in Gainesville and their party was crashed.. by a hungry gator. He came up from the lake and he went straight for the guacamole. He ate the whole bowl. The couple caught the whole ... Read More »

Nutella strike.

There has been  a strike underway since May 28th at one of the largest manufactures of Nutella. The location is in Northern France. They are shutting down production lines and are blocking trucks from both entering and leaving the factory. There’s nearly 160 currently on Strike. The reason for the strike is they are requesting a 4.5% raise and a ... Read More »

Video game playing could score you big bucks!

If your teen plays video games all day…you might wanna see just how good they actually are and if they’re live-streaming, you may want to ask how many viewers they have. There’s a kid named Benjamin Lupo and he has been playing video games for 40 plus hours a week and live streams his gaming. He has over 3 million ... Read More »

Riding roller coasters could be Dr’s orders

We hope no one here has had or will have the pain of a kidney stone. For men, they say its the most painful experience they will ever go through. It’s often compared to child birth. It’s not exactly a walk in the park for ladies either. Now, what if we were to tell you that you could actually have ... Read More »

Only in Florida?

We know the dangers that are present when you decide to take a swim in the ocean, but this weekend a different kid of creature was lurking in the swimming area just off shore in Jacksonville. A 3 foot alligator! Lifeguards immediately cleared the water, called Jacksonville PD, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  Authorities seem to think ... Read More »

Scammers tugged on heart strings.

Amanda Freeman , of Port Orange, was recently looking for a new playmate for her other dog and chose to go online to make the purchase. Freeman said she made two payments of $500 to purchase a Samoyed puppy (They’re a herding dog similar to a Huskey), only to find out it wasn’t real… and now she is out $1,000. ... Read More »

WATCH: Summertime Beers | Morning Hog Brew Review

Morning Hog's Brew review Truly, Sierra Nevada, TBBC, and Leinenkugel

Riggs and Guy got to sample some flavors ready for the summer heat! Watch the video below or click on the timestamps to skip to specific drinks: 00:45 Truly Mango 03:44 Truly Pomegranate 05:17 Truly Passionfruit 05:55 Truly Pineapple 07:40 Leinenkugel Summer Shandy 10:36 Sierra Nevada Summer Fest 13:46 TBBC Last Days of Summer Read More »

Rambo is back… for one last fight?

Sylvester Stallone is back as he takes on the roll of John Rambo for one last time. Rambo V: Last Blood is set to hit theaters on September 20th, 2019. Stallone first played the iconic character,  former U.S. Army Special Forces bad ass in the 1982 film, First Blood. The last time Stallone played the Rambo character was in the 2008 film, ... Read More »