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The Magic of Christmas!

Christmas lights on house

Here’s a GREAT story out of Tampa Florida. There’s a 13 year old girl named Kaitlyn Figueroa Lopez and she is autistic and non verbal. Doctors said she would probably never speak, but that would change…. Kaitlyn’s neighbors put up a pretty big Christmas display this year. They have about 200,000 lights and its all set to music. While she was ... Read More »

Childhood wish list


We want to know what was on your Christmas list to Santa when you were a kid. Riggs wanted a Cleveland Browns uniform….. Guy wanted Roller blades. Intern Steve wanted Power wheels.   Text in with what you REALLY wanted as a kid 386-257-0324, or comment on the Facebook page. Read More »

Florida Man found in gators mouth…


Sometime back in June, a mining company out of Fort Meade saw a HUGE alligator (449 lbs) on their property…but that’s not all they saw. When they got closer, there was a Human body in its mouth. That body belonged to 45-year-old repeat criminal, Michael Ford. Ford was arrested 10 days earlier for burglary and grand theft auto. He was also convicted ... Read More »

Jolly Rancher cereal?

Yeah… General Mills has just come out with Jolly Rancher Cereal and it’s exclusively being sold at Walmart. The Cereal comes with 5 different flavors… Grape, cherry, apple, watermelon, and blue raspberry. The new cereal will be available in other stores starting in March. Any takers?   (Chewboom) Read More »

Where did it go?


When we were younger, we remember hearing a knock at our door around the holidays and to our surprise and enjoyment, we heard the sounds of carolers. Sometimes they were grown adults that had obviously been in the business for a while and sometimes it was young children just out to spread Christmas cheer. What happened? Is it a lost ... Read More »

Inappropriate Christmas designs?


Two Christmas items were just pulled  because they’ve been deemed “inappropriate”. One item was On a Canadian Walmart website that they had let a third party sell on there. It showed a Snowman dressed as Santa getting ready to do cocaine and lettering that says “Let it snow”. The other is by a beer company out of North Carolina called Sycamore ... Read More »

Man breaks in to an apartment and chugs two beers.

A man from Ontario forced his way into a mans apartment, “Chugged” two beers, left and came back an hour later demanding more beer. He has been charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling and burglary with battery. He is also charged with illegal immigration. More info here. (WNDB)     Read More »

Cheetos solve a case


A Marion county man, Elijah Coleman, was found dead on his front porch on October 18th. It was an apparent murder but detectives didn’t have any substantial evidence…yet… Upon further investigation, a bag of Cheetos was discovered inside Colemans home. The bag of Cheetos had fingerprints on it belonging to a man named  Orenzo Fitzpatrick Jr. When detectives interviewed Fitzpatrick, he gave ... Read More »

Steve’s Junk Mail – Text 386-257-0324

Junk mail

Every week on Thursdays, we go through Steve’s mail and answer questions you may have for us. You can ask us anything from advice to what goes on behind the scenes here in the studios. You can comment on our Facebook post or text in your questions to 386-257-0324 Who do you have a question for? Maybe you just wanna ... Read More »