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Not Florida man…Florida Woman….


Police in Sumter county, FL seized 12 kilos of cocaine in a traffic stop on Tuesday. The Booger sugar is said to be worth approx $1.2 MILLION! It all began when troopers noticed a Dodge Journey traveling down I-75 with illegal window tint. They pulled over the vehicle and observed the woman driver (Elizabeth Espinoza) acting nervous, so they called ... Read More »

Do you think it’s too soon?

Duane Chapman

The sad news hit June 26th of last year that Beth Chapman passed away. Duane (Dog) Chapman was clearly and understandably upset. It is rumored now that he may have a new woman in his life named Moon. His daughter Lyssa is stating that it’s true and she doesn’t support it because she feels that Moon is just using Duane. ... Read More »

Which person are you?


A recent study out of England shows that you really SHOULD trust your gut feelings. They studied about 150 online gamblers and found that when they went with their gut feeling the won 20% more of the time. They said that when you trust your instincts you are more likely to get better results because if you second guess yourself, ... Read More »

Over used?


Lake Superior State University in Michigan has put out a list of words and phrases that should stop being used or overused in 2020. They’ve been doing this list for 45 years. Here are a few phrases. Do you agree? 1.  Living my best life. 2.  Artisanal, curated, mouthfeel, and other words that don’t really mean anything important. 3.  Influencer. 4.  ... Read More »

Cereal hack…or totally Wack?

Rock n Roll superstar, Gene Simmons took to twitter early in 2020 to make a special announcement..or was it a confession? Simmons revealed that he puts ice cubes in his cereal to keep the milk cold… His son Nick says he has been doing this his whole life. Many people have responded to his tweet and some ask… “Why not ... Read More »

Who, if anyone…could fill those shoes?

Alex Trebek

Last March, Alex Trebek announced he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer but will continue to to host Jeopardy until his health won’t allow. If there is a specific date where Trebek will make his final appearance, he hasn’t let on to any details. In a recent interview, Trebeck said he will ask the director for 30 seconds at the end ... Read More »

Police now enforcing the no texting and driving law

Texting and driving

Back in July a new law was put into place instructing motorists to NOT text and drive. Although they were given a 6 month leeway period, the law is now being enforced as of Wednesday January 1st. According to the law, you can be ticketed if you aren’t using cell phones or similar devices in a hands-free manner in designated school ... Read More »

Have you ever followed through?

New years resolution

Every years end, most of us like to make ‘New Year’s resolutions”. Also, most of us never keep them. The Morning Hog has issued a challenge. Now the challenge is for all of us…but feel free to join in. We are making New Years resolutions and STICKING TO THEM. Riggs says his is to actually train for the 1/2 marathon. ... Read More »

Traditions… Are they still around?

Family at Christmas

Christmas is almost here and we hope you have your shopping wrapped up. When Christmas morning actually comes, do you have any family traditions that you carry on? It could be anything from how you hand out presents to the meal you eat for dinner. Is Turkey more of a tradition…or is Ham? Is there a certain thing that you ... Read More »

Is THIS acceptable?

Online Shopping

The question came up pre-show because one of us did ALL of their shopping online this year and we wanted to know if that was acceptable in this day and age? This goes for holidays and birthdays. With the technology we have today with smart phones, laptops, and computers in general, it pretty much eliminates the need to “Go out” ... Read More »