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Dumb *** of the day.


There’s a man named James Giambra from Edgewater, Florida… and he thought that it would be a good idea to bring a helper with him as he went to work. It turns out that his idea of work is being a thief. Specifically two houses and a boat. When police finally caught up with him, they noticed his helper. It was ... Read More »

Calling Dr. Marijuana Pepsi

Marijuana Pepsi

Yes, this is a real story. There is a 46 year old woman from Illinois that proves not even an odd name can hold you back. This woman’s name is “Marijuana Pepsi”. Her full legal name is Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck. He Mother claims she named her daughter Marijuana Pepsi because it would ” Take her around the world”. This being ... Read More »

Did I do that?

Some people take matters into their own hands… and some get caught by their own security cameras. There’s a 59 year old woman named Annie Durham and she was tired of the neighbors “selling drugs and having people in and out”. So, Annie did what she though was the best thing to stop it. She BURNED their house down. She ... Read More »

Scientist found a way to slow the aging process.

We all thought the fountain of youth was just a myth that Ponce DeLeon came up with back when he “discovered”  it in the 16th century. Well, it could be a real thing now. Scientists have discovered that when older mice were given blood protein from younger mice, it slowed down the aging process. They found that when given the ... Read More »

4 people shot at Toronto Raptors celebration parade

The Toronto Raptor’s were enjoying their NBA championship parade yesterday when the unthinkable happened. Police say four people were shot and  they’re not believed to be life-threatening injuries.  Three people have been arrested. When the shots were fired, fans ran in a stampede from the City Hall square, which was packed with thousands of people. An estimated 1.5 MILLION fans showed ... Read More »

Amazon has a new bracelet… that SHOCKS you… on purpose

They say it’s to help you break bad habits such as, smoking,  over eating, nail biting, etc. They way it helps you is by sending you a tiny shock into your wrist. The shock isn’t enough to kill or hurt you, but strong enough to catch your attention.  Each charge holds up to 150 shocks, so depending on how much ... Read More »

Win Tickets To Tesla at The Peabody!

Tesla in concert at the Peabody. Win tickets form 95.7 the hog!

95.7 the HOG welcomes Tesla to the Peabody Auditorium Tuesday September 24th. Tickets on sale this Friday at 10 am. 95.7 the HOG will have win ’em before you can buy ’em tickets every morning starting Tuesday. Anytime you hear Tesla during the morning HOG be caller 9 and you win!   Read More »

Watch out!! Granny’s got a taser!!!

You would expect a lil ole granny in a wheelchair to be sweet and cute, right? Well, not this one. This grandma decided her food was taking to long and took matters into her own hands. Apparently her food at McDonald’s was taking too long for her liking and she reached in her purse and took out a taser. She ... Read More »

Uh oh. OJ discovered twitter…

OJ Simpson

We all find celebrity tweets interesting and humorous. Well, OJ Simpson has joined the club and his first tweet was a doozy!  “You’ll get to read my thoughts and opinions on just about everything . . . It should be a lot of fun.  I got a little gettin’ even to do.” He then did a follow-up video and he ... Read More »

Riggs’ Parental Performance Review

Riggs' Parental Evaluation

Every Father’s Day, Riggs’ kids give him a parental performance review… He just wants to make sure he’s being a good dad and this is the perfect time to see if he’s been living up to his expectations. This time he recorded it for your listening pleasure. Check out the audio clips below to see how Riggs did this year! ... Read More »