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Jerry Doliner Food bank Turkey push!


Helping out the community. $15 will feed a family of 4 this Thanksgiving. For every donation made, it will be matched! That means your $15 will feed 8 people! That’s a 15 lb Turkey and ALL the fixins! Click here to donate! Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving Holiday! Jerry Doliner Food Bank Read More »

TSA expects more travelers than usual


TSA expects close to 27 MILLION people to travel between November 22nd to December 2nd. They’re also making sure they coordinate with airports and airlines to make sure they can accommodate the high volume of passengers as safely and securely as possible. TSA is also expecting the busiest days to be Wednesday, Nov. 27, with an estimated 2.7 million travelers, ... Read More »

HOA Scrooges

Christmas decorations in yard

HOA’s always have “rules” that they try to passive aggressively enforce by leaving you a letter and a couple Texas resident thinks they went too far this time. Nick and Claudia Simonis received a letter from their HOA in regards to the Christmas decorations they put up. They put them up on November 1st. The letter stated that they needed ... Read More »

Steve’s Junk Mail

Junk mail

It’s that time of week again. Every Thursday at 7:50 am,  Intern Steve goes through his junk mail and reads your questions, comments and letters. You can text in to 386-257-0324 and ask us anything you want or just say hello! Was that thing we did the other day real? What brand of toothpaste does Riggs use? How many pants ... Read More »

Follow your dreams!

Adam Sandler

By now…EVERYONE knows who Adam Sandler is, right? Well, Brad Pitt and Adam sat down with Variety not too long ago and Brad happened to share an interesting story about why he loves Adam so much, While Adam was attending NYU, his acting teacher asked him if he would like to go to the bar and grab a beer. While ... Read More »

What’s on your table?

A company called OnePoll surveyed 2000 people about their Thanksgiving habits and what they want to eat. They found that about 26% of people want something different on their table this year. They study also found that nearly half wouldn’t mind an “alternative” Thanksgiving. The Most common ways to have an “Alternative Thanksgiving” are Not having Turkey, Going out to ... Read More »

We talk to the champ!

George Foreman

George Foreman has never backed down from a challenge. At the age of 16 he was introduced to boxing and within 3 years he brought home the gold medal for his country. By the age of 24 he was the heavyweight champion of the world. Then, still at his athletic prime, he retired to devote his life to philanthropic causes ... Read More »

Gas pirates on the rise

Gas pump

We all know the ‘Skimmer” scam… Where thieves attach a device to a gas pump credit card reader and steal your info. Well, these thieves are using those skimmers to hit gas stations all over Florida. What they’re doing now is using those stolen credit card numbers and modifying SUVs and trucks to carry the fuel. They will replace the ... Read More »

Veterans day deals


We would like to start by saying THANK YOU to all the men and women who have served or are currently serving our country. There are other places that would like to say thank you as well. Here’s a list of places that have special deals for all vets! Here’s where you can grab a free meal! Applebee’s Buffalo Wild ... Read More »